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    Default Albright Products

    I have seen the name "Albright" mentioned several times on the forum and I am interested to hear your comments regarding their fly rods. I have checked out their website and see that the difference between the MSRP and their asking price is amazing. Have any of you had recent experience with on-line purchases with this supplier? My interest lies in the 3 and 4 weight - 7'-6" to 8'-6" range for stream and river fishing. A med to med fast action is the preferred action. What do you think of the product?

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    Default Re: Albright Products

    I have seen this company go under and resurface more times than I change my shorts..Not fo me..
    sandfly/ bob
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    I did not escape.....they gave me a day pass!
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    Default Re: Albright Products

    I just checked their website. They have some screaming deals on right now. $900 rods for 149.00 I wonder if the mark up is worth it. It seems every rods no matter its price eventually comes down to $149.00. makes you wonder about the marketing and brand pricing.

    Their fit and finish, and hardware seems real nice. Not sure about the action.

    I see you are in Nova Scotia, Shout out from another Maritimer.
    "Whale oil beef hooked !"- Traditional east coast fishermen saying

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    Default Re: Albright Products

    I own several Albright EXS's and XX saltwater rods. The EXS was a good higher-end rod at a middle price point, but it has been discontinued. The current offerings are nice middle-price-point rods, although the XX's are very stiff because they were designed for throwing sinkin lines in the wind and horsing in 40 lb stripers from the surf.

    The supposed "MSRP" is a deceptive sales gimmick that you shouldn't believe. THey got rid of all their retail distributors years ago and now only sell through their website, and only at deep (but hypothetical) "discounts" to their (hypothetical) MSRP. If you follow them closely, you will see that their
    MSRPs bounce around to maintain the illusion that whatever price they are offering currently is a 70% or 80% "discount" from the MSRP.

    If you compare their "discounted" prices to MSRP's of similar Asian imports at medium price points like Redington, TFO and Greys, they are a decent value and sometimes a modest bargain. If you compare their MSRP's to the MSRP's of other nosebleed-priced competitors, the high-end stuff from the likes of Winston, Sage, Orvis, Hardy and Loomis is much, much better quality -- and often lower priced!.

    I have had good experience with their customer service, but I have seen complaints form disgruntled customers online too.

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    Default Re: Albright Products

    If you've seen the discussions on the forum you've probably seen people talk about the MSRP, the short answer is just look at the sale price and buy it if it's worth it to you, don't get caught up in a deal you might be getting, they always seem to be on sale I have two of their rods - the Topwater ones that I don't think they are selling anymore. I have a 9' 5/6wt and a 7'6" 3/4wt. They are my back-up and loaner rods and I enjoy fishing them. Personally had good experience with their customer service as well.
    - William

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    Default Re: Albright Products

    I have several GP's and an XX. They are finished very nicely, especially for the price paid. Mine are all 2010 or 2011 models and I actually prefer them over rods costing much more. The GP (replaced by the GPX) is marked with 2 suggested line weights; the lower for a faster cast and distance. I usually go with the higher weight because I prefer the slower, deeper feeling cast.

    Moucheur2003 describes Albright's marketing strategy to a "T". It's rather misleading, but if you follow them to any degree, you know what's going on, and will wait for their lower prices.

    I have likewise had only positive experience with their customer service.

    I do have a shorter Albright (GP 7.5' 3-4 wgt 2-piece), but it has never seen any fish time; and will ultimately be sold. Although the rod casts very nicely, for that length I am exclusively fiberglass.

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    Default Re: Albright Products

    Had the 9' 5 wt A5-NS but sold it. Wish i'd kept it now. It was a great rod. 5 piece, but cast like a dream. I used it mostly for dry fly fishing.

    Addicted To Vise Flies

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    Default Re: Albright Products

    I bought the 15' 10/11 two hander from them for either $84 or $89 during one of those end of the year closeout sales. I'll tell you right now that you can't build the handle for $89. While they might be doing what I see as a bad idea with the all of their marketing strategy, they do have some amazing deals once in a while.

    If you read through other threads and posts about them you can see why their marketing strategy is a bad one. Most of what is said about Albright is kind of wrong. It has been unfortunately a psycological fallout of what Albright is doing to itself.

    Now let me tell you about my Albright. There is not a thing wrong with the quality of the rod. I have used the heck out of it and love it a lot. The action is perfect and I have made all of my longest casts on this rod. In fact you expect to see this kind of performance out of something like a Meiser or other top end rod.

    Seriously, I couldn't buy enough good cork at wholesale to duplicate the grip in this rod for what I paid for the whole rod. Last time I bought real good cork for a two hander, my 14' T & T, it cost me almost a hundred bucks in just the dang cork and it was not a bit better than what's in my Albright.

    I did make the grips a bit more fancy, but the actual cost of the just plain cork was more than $89.

    I think the trend here has been to unfairly rate Albright. I think their idiotic sales plan has led to a self inflicted image resulting in what you read before this post, but as dumb as their sales strategy is, it does not take away from their rods. Nor their other stuff for that matter. During the closeouts sale this year my friend Bill bought a new set of waders and wading boots. There is nothing wrong with either one of them either. In fact you could not buy a pair of lousy K-Mart tennis shoes for what he paid for the wading boots. I looked them over really well and they had a leather/cordura construction with heavy stiching. Nice soles. Very well made. I have yet to see anything to complain about their stuff.

    That all being said, if you are going to fully take advantage of the really poor management going on over at Albright, buy from them at the end of the year. That is if they don't go under before then thanks to the seriously poor management problems they have.

    My 15' 10/11 Albright two hander. I love this rod.

    I almost forgot, I bought a reel from them also. It is a really nice reel. Got it at the the end of the year closeout sale. Can't beat it.
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    Default Re: Albright Products

    Ditto on all of the above about Albright's marketing. The rods, however, are very well built in Korea with powerful and sophisticated tapers. The new rods' reel seats are US made REC as are the recoil guides. Their top end EXR and EXT at $179 (again, forget the alleged MSRP) are unparalleled values. I have cast the EXT #8 (the only size it is available in) and it is superior to, for example, any TFO in both action and build quality. Similarly, the EXR is available in #5 only and I have not cast one of them. If the long term viability of a company is important to you for warranty purposes, then I might be a bit sceptical.

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    Default Re: Albright Products

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    If the long term viability of a company is important to you for warranty purposes, then I might be a bit sceptical.
    The way I look at it is if there is a flaw in the rod they should take care of, it will be discovered right away. Anything after that is my fault and since I am pretty careful not to bust rods, I don't have to worry about that.

    I have only busted one. I was doing a steeple cast up through a bunch of rocks and trees and hooked a dead cedar tree. Completely my fault. I should have turned around and forward cast up through that mess and shot my back cast. Or better yet use my two handers. Spots like this was why I got them in the first place. Dumb of me. I don't think the rod company should be on the hook for something stupid I do 7 years and hundreds of fish after I buy the rod. Especially if the rod was something I got on a closeout for a rediculously cheap price.

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