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    Default Has Your Favorite Trout Rod Gotten Faster or Slower

    Several recent threads and my own recent quest for a slower 5 wt got me to thinking about my own progression through rod actions. I started med-fast (Cabelas Stowaway), went faster (Sage DS2), went a little faster (Scott E2 then to a Winston BIIX), then to slower graphite (Winston WT), and now I'm contemplating glass. My prefernce has always been small to medium size water.

    When you think about your current favorite trout rod (say 3-5 wt) and then look back at your favorite rod say 5 or 10 years ago, is your current favorite faster or slower? By favorite, I mean the rod you always want to grab first, you often choose the water you are going to fish because you want to fish that rod, and/or you "stretch" to use that rod even when it may not be the best rod for the day.

    For those who started off with faster rods, have you stayed faster? For those who started off with slower rods, did you stay slow? For those who transitioned from fast to slow or slow to fast, why do you think that was? Changes in rod materials/technology, fishing/casting experience, etc.

    I am not asking this question looking for rod recommendations per se (several members have been very gracious with their insights and preferences vary widely) or as any value judgement on fast vs. slow (I'm on record as saying I believe such debates are akin to blonde vs. brunette). Just wondering about other people's journey,


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    Default Re: Has Your Favorite Trout Rod Gotten Faster or Slower

    The Scott G series has always been my favorite rod...a medium action that just suits my casting style...

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    Default Re: Has Your Favorite Trout Rod Gotten Faster or Slower


    Did you start out with the Scott G or "progress" to it?

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    Thumbs up Re: Has Your Favorite Trout Rod Gotten Faster or Slower

    Heck of a great question; looking forward to see where this goes.

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    Default Re: Has Your Favorite Trout Rod Gotten Faster or Slower

    I started fast and have progressed towards slower rods. The Z Axis was my favorite rod for awhile, then I started getting into slower graphite like the Sage LL's, and fiberglass. A fast rod does have its time and place, but I really like how a glass rod casts and feels with a fish on. For small stream fishing, I personally think glass is king. I can load the rod with just a couple feet of line and the leader out and make a real cast into a tight spot. I just can't do that with faster graphite. I also like the "fish on" feel with a glass/slower graphite rod. Instead of only the top 1/3 (or less) of the rod bending, the rod bends across the whole blank which is fun to me. Tippet protection also comes to mind with these slower (than modern graphite) rods, it seems like I do not break off near as much. Just a few reasons why I like slower better than fast for the most part....


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    Default Re: Has Your Favorite Trout Rod Gotten Faster or Slower

    This question had me thinking but in the end I come to the conclusion that being a human I'm flexible and not locked into any one favorite action except for specialized uses. For the past few years my go-to rods have had several gears plus overdrive when needed. They cast close nicely right off the tip (a feature that also allows me to land larger fish easier) then get more powerful as the need arises and I start using more of the blank down towards the butt section.
    I started out on 'glass and bamboo but it never got imprinted in my head that their actions were the best for me. As the rods got better I hope to think I also got better at using them no matter what the action.
    What I can't abide is a dead, lifeless, heavy rod that offers no feedback and feels lifeless when casting, drifting or landing fish.

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    Default Re: Has Your Favorite Trout Rod Gotten Faster or Slower

    I started out medium and went fast and now I like a mixture depending on the trip. Oh and red heads by the way.
    John L.

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    Default Re: Has Your Favorite Trout Rod Gotten Faster or Slower

    For me, I started with the old Fenwick HMG, then Sage LL, RPL, SP, and SPL. From these mod actions, I moved into a Z-Axis, & Sage One. Now, I'm moving back to the old moderate actions with a couple of new additions, the Sage ZXL, and Circa fit my style just fine.

    That being said, I still use all my old rods as much as I do the new ones. I guess I feel more comfortable with the moderate actions rods.



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    Default Re: Has Your Favorite Trout Rod Gotten Faster or Slower

    Progressively faster and then has started reverting back....progression went

    St Croix Avid
    Legend Ultra

    Now backwards to a ZXL that I flat love

    Although a Sage one snuck in recently but I'm yet to get to fish it.
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    Default Re: Has Your Favorite Trout Rod Gotten Faster or Slower

    My first good trout rod was a 1972 Lamiglas 4wt that I still use occasionally .
    If it's wasn't the slowest fly rod blank ever made, it's right up there. So there was only one way to go.
    When graphite rods came out and then got progressively faster, I stayed stuck in the '60s so to speak and never really switched over. Only a couple of the trout-weight graphites that I own get fished regularly. I still fish fiberglass for the most part in fresh water, but just not with rods quite as slow as the Lamiglas.
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