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    Default Re: For Bonefish, Bass and surf 8wt rod

    I have both the Litespeed and the Velocity. The Velocity is a mid-arbor while the Litespeed is a large-arbor, so the Velocity will hold more backing in the equivalent size reel.

    I would recommend that you be very careful using a Lamson in salt water. The drag is not really as fully sealed as claimed. You can open up the clutch housing just by twisting it to reverse the clutch from left-hand to right-hand wind, and water can get in there. Some users have reported that the clutch gets caked with salt residue over time and eventually can freeze up. To prevent this, you should open it up after each time you take it out in the salt and thoroughly flush the clutch and housing with fresh water, then let them thoroughly dry before reassembling. (A protective spritz of something like Boeshield now and then might not hurt either.)

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    Default Re: For Bonefish, Bass and surf 8wt rod

    Quote Originally Posted by runningfish View Post

    Yes, that would be the path to follow for me. 5wt and 8wt h1 or h2.
    Unfortunately, my local BPS doesn't carry the One in their store. We have an Orvis store in Pasadena, CA which I frequently visit and kinda know the person.
    They are expensive rods, I can't believe that some of us here including me are crazy enough to dish out $$$ for a STICK. Insane, but what can we do when the bugs is stronger than your mind.
    Yes, the addiction can get pretty strong! We all have it to some degree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    I hope no one from Waterworks is reading this. The Lamson is beloved by many here as a trout reel. With its too wide spool and small sweep area drag (relative to specialized saltwater reels) this is no bonefish reel. To go for a rod like you are considering and weaken the outfit with this reel seems out of balance. It is not unheard of but it is rare that a good trout reel design is scallable to high performance saltwater use. Oh, and I thought you had a #7 rod...a 7-weight is a specialty bonefish rod, a high octain #8 is what you need. My guide in Florida is not interested in anyone bringing rods lighter than a 9-weight aboard his skiff. He favors a Sage ONE #9 mated with a big Tibor.
    You know more about it than I do, but I have caught a few bonefish in the Bahamas. I'm sure your guide in Florida likes what he does, and a bigger rod makes sense in the Keys, but bonefish rods (actually, conditions) are all over the place, as this article makes clear.

    Choosing a Bonefish Fly Setup | Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

    If you're using a big 9 wt that's really more like a 10 or 11, that's way too big for most bonefish, even with a stiff breeze (and, if you're wading, you have to carry the darned thing all day). A really fast rod, like a Sage, that actually fishes close to two weights heavier, should work well in a lighter weight. For 90 percent of bonefish one might encounter, a fast 7 wt with 8 wt line is the right call. Am I wrong? And for that one rare monster that rips through your backing, returns to jump into the boat, and stab you in the neck with your own rod?--tip your hat and wish him a good day.

    (and, I have no idea why I'm responding to this 3 months later--slow night.)

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    Default Re: For Bonefish, Bass and surf 8wt rod

    Its cool that it is an old thread and maybe runningfish while chime in with what his experience turned out to be. My Biscayne Bay guide likes fast #9 rods because long casts with large lead weighted flies are the norm in his non-wading habitat. It is windy most often and you never know when a permit might raise its twin fins. In the Bahamas I fish an 8-weight most of the time with a #7 and 9 on board and available. The 9 will be rigged with a large crab fly with lead dumbbell weighting for the rare permit sighting or a big bone on a deep flat or channel. The 7 is a delight wading a skinny flat in a protected lagoon on a calm day with unweighted flies. 8-weights are most bonefishers bread and butter. I avoid rods in all my fishing that "require" over lining; it is a tip numbing feeling I don't like. When poling, I prefer a powerful 8like NRX or Hardy's Proaxis and, since I have the quiver to do so, I like a gentler rod when I get out of the skiff to wade. Scott's S3s or older Heliply are terrific wading rods with lots of feel and in-close kneeling on your knees aptitude. Without a barracuda or tarpon set up, my wife and I will regularly have 6 or 7 rods rigged on our skiff. With a few experimental exceptions, our reels include Abel, Islander, Hatch, Nautilus NV and my newest winner, Hardy Fortuna X. We use tropical lines from SA, RIO and Airflo without prejudice depending on which mates best with each rod. Depending on the individual outfits characteristics, it will have a different size/weight fly non-slip loop knotted to its fluoro tippet. Often the rod selected to come out from beneath gunwale storage is the one with the anticipated optimal fly for the flat before us.

    I am absorbed in trout fishing currently but I am getting excited about the autumn now writing about bonefishing tackle!

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    Default Re: For Bonefish, Bass and surf 8wt rod

    Thank you for the invitation Sweet and Salt.

    Well, I had only 5 hours to fish while the In-Laws and wife were out at an outlet, I must say it was an overwhelming experience. I was at the Jupiter inlet with my 8wt Zenith, Allen Kraken 3 reel spooled with Rio SW Aqualux 8wt and mostly using the Enrico Puglisi bait fish pattern.

    When I arrived, there were already many fishermen fishing from the rock and from the shore on their spinning setup basically throwing all kinds of baits/lures. I was the only one who had the fly rod and with the wind blowing like that I guessed you know why the others had the spinning outfits.

    That was my 2nd time ever fishing the surf, I could cast a good distance straight into the wind double hauling with very low angled Belgian cast but couldn't get the line to stay in the foam long enough. Almost immediately my line was swept back to the shore line. My lack of line management skill in the surf made everything worse. I couldn't keep the stripped line in my stripping basket, I was basically performing a line dance for everyone there. But I have thick skin, so I kept on doing it. I took a brake and walked to the rock and see if I can spot some predatory fish. Lot's of bait fish, but not a shadow. An older fella approached me and told me that he was skunked out and just yesterday there were snooks every where but not today. Well, I don't need Yesterday's News. He recommended me to go to a park nearby and so I did.
    Casting from a higher ground with palm trees on my back and strong wind from my right wasn't fun at all. However,I could see a couple of larger fish came right from the depth to investigate my offering, but no taker. An older fisherman who was fishing with cut mackerel approached me and told me that he would bring his 12wt for this wind.

    So, I went back to the Jupiter Inlet with my spinning reel and with 1/2oz bullet weight and sand crab pattern. I got a light tap, set the hook but too much slack line and couldn't hook the fish. "Fortunately" my time was up (the In-Laws and wife were heading back home). So, I walked the beach to my car when I spotted bait fish boiling about 80ft away and in the middle of the boil was a big fish. I don't know what kind, but big. I cut my crab fly and the weight off and put a Shimano lure. But by the time that I finished tying the lure, the boil had disappeared. I laughed, I laughed and I laughed some more.

    I learned a hard and good experience in that 5 hours. My high mountain wind and swells are nothing compared to the surf. At the moment, surf fishing is like a foreign language book for me. I got skunked but at the same time I have some fun as well. A nice Wendy's Flat Bread meal with some root beer floats completed my day. Thank you West Palm Beach and Florida, I guarantee to be back there again.

    There you go Sweet and Salt.
    I am highly qualified to comment in this forum after receiving a Specialized High Intensive Training (S.H.I.T) at the Olde Schitt Institute of Technology (O.S.H.I.T).

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    Default Re: For Bonefish, Bass and surf 8wt rod

    My wife's mother lives in south Florida too and we visit once or twice a year. Though it is a family not fishing trip, my deal is I get to book a guide for a full days fishing mid trip on a week day. Not being a pedal-to-the-metal fishing trip, we don't bring an arsenal - just one rod and reel each along with a box of flies and a spool of tippet. We have targeted Biscayne Bay which is less than an hour's drive for us and this is one grand graduate school fishery. I am considering a day in Everglades National Park next time for snook, redfish and resident tarpon. One thing we have tried once to do on our own is fish for exotic peacock bass in the canal system with the same #8 or 9-weight we have brought down for bonefishing but I have to do more research on this. We fished in a Cuban neighborhood and had a great roadside lunch with ice cold coconut water drunk through a straw stuck into a machete-cut whole in a coconut fished out of a tub of ice. Only thing successfully fished for that day.

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