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    Default Re: Best Trout Rods ?

    I once had an Orvis Far and Fine 5wt that would lay a line out like angels were bringing it down from Heaven on pillows of clouds. Once you had a fish on, you could feel current flow across it's nose. Far and away the most sensitive, all around wonderful'est, best'est awesome'est rod I even owned. Alas, I sold it during a dark time in my life. BUT, I just ordered an Orvis Superfine this very morning.
    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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    Default Re: Best Trout Rods ?

    my best would be my 9ft 4wt scott g2. i fish it more than any other rod i own and for tricky currents and nymphing that i do alot of i love the 9ft length.I love my little 8'4" 3wt g2 also but obviously its much more limited.however if i hit one of the two local streams after work during a sulphur spinner fall and i know im gonnabe fishing dries i will bring it. it lets a 12 inch wild brown really show its stuff.

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    Default Re: Best Trout Rods ?

    The G2's are great. I almost went with my 8'6" 4wt for my favorite, but the Fibertouch is just so smooth and fun to fish, I even used it for some dry fly action on the S. Platte once...lost a couple big guys becuase of the missing backbone...but a friend was borrowing the G2.

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    Default Re: Best Trout Rods ?

    Easy to reply....for my son Nico...Scott G955as for me I fished for many years with a Launstorfer 9.2' 5wt which was made for me in 1983...but it's a 2p I don't often use it anymoreNow I use my Scott Greys Streamflex...or my them all

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    Default Re: Best Trout Rods ?

    For most of my trout fishing in MI - a Tom Morgan Graphite 4 wt, 8'-6"

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    Default Re: Best Trout Rods ?

    590-4 Sage Z-Axis for all around fishing
    966-4 Winston B2MX for streamers
    884-4 Scott G2 for dries 0 until I can finance a Sage Circa!

    “Fishing for me, as funny as it sounds, is sorta my brand of praying almost. I’m never closer to my spirituality than when I’m in the act of fishing.” - JT Van Zandt

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    Default Re: Best Trout Rods ?

    "Best" is obviously subjective. However, without question the rod I turn to most often, that has caught me the largest, and the most trout, has been the most versatile rod that I currrently own, is without a doubt my St. Croix Imperial 9 ft. 5 wt. I can flick a dryfly 20 feet while creek fishing, or rocket my 250 grain sinktip line a hundred feet with this nearly entry-level rod. I can underline it to 4.5 wt. and overline it as much as 7 wt., and it manages to make me look good throughout.

    Man, I can't wait until my knee heals and I can go fishing!

    "Three-fourths of the Earth's surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord intended us to spend triple the amount of time fishing as taking care of the lawn." ~Chuck Clark

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    Default Re: Best Trout Rods ?

    Others here have listed two of my three favorite trout rods:

    St. Croix Legend Ultra 8.5' 4 wt
    St. Croix Imperial 9' 5 wt for bigger waters

    I also love my Cabela's LST 9' 5 wt. I know its a pretty low end rod but I love it, its light and fast, an excellent rod for floating, intermediate, and sink tip lines for stillwater trout.


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    Default Re: Best Trout Rods ?

    Don't know about the best, maybe the best for my fishing styles, but here are the threesome that see the most action from me.

    Scott G2's, 3 wt and 5 wt, and an S4 6 wt. If I'm feeling nostalgic, I'll sometimes breakout the cane rods, though I'll admit I sometimes feel a bit Winston Churchillish, casting to trout while wearing tweeds and smoking a stogie.
    "My biggest fear is that when I pass, my wife will sell my fly rods and rifles for what I told her I paid for them." author unknown

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    Default Re: Best Trout Rods ?

    Then of course there are Tom Chandler's picks:

    The Dozen Best Fly Rods of All Time

    Of these, I've got the 9' 4 wt Loomis IMX, the 8' 6" 5 wt Winston WT, and the 8' 4 wt Winston Tom Morgan Favorite. (I've also got a couple of decent 9' 6 weights, but he kind of sleazed that one by not picking a specific model.)

    He goofed by failing to mention the Orvis Far & Fine, I think. I have one of those too. Unlike the rest of you who brag about having an original early version, I believe mine is the last one Orvis ever sold. (At least from their regular production run. I understand they have made a few by custom order from leftover blanks since.) They located a lone survivor in one of their retail shops in England and shipped it back to me in the US. I had to pay customs duty.

    He deliberately excluded models currently in production, apparently because there seems to be such a short product life cycle these days that you don't know whether today's best rods will still be on top tomorrow, but I think if current offerings were considered there would probably be something from the Orvis H2 and Hardy Zenith families on the list.

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