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Thread: Best Trout Rods ?

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    Tom's article is what gave me the idea for this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by fly_guy12955 View Post
    I once had an Orvis Far and Fine 5wt that would lay a line out like angels were bringing it down from Heaven on pillows of clouds. Once you had a fish on, you could feel current flow across it's nose. Far and away the most sensitive, all around wonderful'est, best'est awesome'est rod I even owned. Alas, I sold it during a dark time in my life. BUT, I just ordered an Orvis Superfine this very morning.
    Mine is the Rocky Mountain version I wanted to get a Super Fine as well but theyno longer make the 7'9" far n fine. What were you thinking Orvis ?!?
    ...some men go to church and think of fishing while other men go fishing and feel closer to God

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    After consideration, my "best trout rod" would have to be my Tenkara Iwana. I can't possibly present a fly more delicately and with a better drift than any conventional rods. It allows me to fool even the most stream-wise trout.

    However, I feel considerable satisfaction and joy casting with conventional equipment. In fishing the streams and small rivers of New England my favorite trout rod would be a 7' 5 weight Orvis Battenkill Impregnated bamboo rod. Built in 1965, it's still showing its worth.

    My next choice, would be fiberglass. My glass favorite for trout is a 7' 3 weight Diamondback Glass. Other preferred rods: 7' 5 weight Browning Silaflex 222970; 7'6" 4-5 weight Cortland Leon Chandler; 7'6" 5-6 weight Cortland FR-2000; and 8' 6 weight Fenwick FF-7.

    My favored graphite options for trout are all LL Bean rods: 6'11" 4 weight Streamlight; 8'6" 4 weight Travel rod; and 9' 5 weight Orion 3.

    I just realized, that's 10 rods. Do I get penalized for having that many favorites for trout?
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    Quote Originally Posted by standman View Post
    Do I get penalized for having that many favorites for trout?
    Yes, you have to ship me the glass rods. I'll PM my address to you. Thanks for your contribution.

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    Originally Posted by mikel: "Yes, you have to ship me the glass rods."

    I appreciate your consideration for my "dilemma", but I think I'd rather send you my arm...non casting of course.

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