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Thread: Glass rods ?

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    I started with glass, switched to graphite, and now I'm mostly back to glass. When seeking a rod, you're likely to find the shorter vintage glass rods to be at least a 5 weight. For something less, you'll probably have to go with new glass. Thankfully, there are getting to be more options.

    When I sought a 7' 3 weight, I considered a few: Scott F series, Hardy Stream, Steffen fiberglass, and the Diamondback Glass. I'd heard many great things about the Scott F series and the Steffen rods, but the Scott was more money than I was prepared to spend; and I didn't want to wait for the Steffen rod to be built up for me. I ended up testing the Hardy, the Diamondback, and an Orvis Superfine. Of these, I chose the Diamondback. The Orvis was fun, but it still cast like graphite. And the Hardy just didn't suit my casting style. Regarding Diamondback, I understand that Cortland will be discontinuing fly rods in order to focus on their lines.

    Cabelas had the CGR series of glass, and now they have the CGT series. The CGR had a fuller flex and pleased more fiberglass zealots than the newer series. However, the CGT's action could suit you to a "T"; and it would provide an inexpensive new rod option at $150.

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    I've tried to get ahold of Griggs rod makers,,but can't. They have moved, and I can't reach them. Their glass rods looked really good on their old website.

    Anyone know how to reach them ?

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    Glass rods today are incredible and esthetics by Mike Mcfarland , Larry Kenney , Matt Leiderman are in quality with any custom high end boo builder. Very few rolled their blanks from designed mandrels specs however two that do are Mcfarland and Steffen. Scott and Thomas and Thomas are two mainstream companies that have long history of glass excellence . Their current models are eye candy and wonderful casting tools

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    You cannot beat the Scott F2 6'6" 3wt or the 7' 3wt, both 3 sections.

    I do also have the Cabelas CGR 5'9" which is a nice rod.


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    This is my 7' 6" 4wt Lamiglas. It falls in between the Scott and Cabela's, mostly in price. I've seen some reasonably priced rods built with this blank on that auction site.


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    First off, check out the fiberglassflyrodders forum for everything to do with glass.To me, glass is king of the smaller stream. The fuller flex of glass allows you to cast a nice loop with just a foot or two of fly line out of the tip. The fish on feel is great too, an 8" trout will nearly double over a short 3wt glass rod. Modern glass is nothing like your grandpas glass. It is light and responsive. Cabelas has the CGR on sale for $50 which is a good way to give glass a try on thethe cheap. They also have the CGT which I would personally stay awayfrom, to me the CGR is a better rod at a better price. Some high end glass to look out for includes Steffen, McFarland, Kenney, Kabuto, James Green, Scott, and others. I personally use a 6'6" Scott F2 3wt for most of my small stream fishing for small trouts, it is a fairy wand in my hands. I have also played with its little brother, the 6' 2wt, it wasnt as gutsy as the 3wt, but still a really fun rod for small flies and small trout. I pray for your checkbook if you get bit by the glass bug. Best of luck on your glass adventure!!!


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