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    Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

    Great! Now everyone go fishing, we never have these conversations during the season. I'm going to hit the lake tomorrow, I'll make it a point to fish the Sage VXP and it will be aesthetically perfect once it has a fish hanging off the end of it
    The best way to a fisherman's heart is through his fly.

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    Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

    All of the above goes to why realtors want you to have neutral colors on your walls when they go to sell your house.

    This even extends (now we're really off the beaten track, but perhaps Sage has had its whippin' for today, anyway) to wildlife and sporting art. When I was involved in publishing the art that the Nat. Wild Turkey Federation uses in its fundraisers, I learned in the early going that my taste (pretty loose, interpretative stuff and etchings and drypoints) is absolutely NOT what sells to the general public. What I termed schlock art (yes, I am quite the elitist when it comes to sporting art) sold incredibly well. I mean, only Terry Redlin could have the sun coming up BETWEEN two mountain ranges, and have the crowd love it. I was at Wild Wings in Minnesota years ago when they were getting their next catalog ready. There was some stuff that I was absolutely drooling guessed didn't make the cut. Not photographic enough.

    So, at the end of the day, we all have our preferences and styles (mine of course being the very best of all. lol) and I'd say that's a good thing. Wouldn't it be boring if we all wore the same uniform, so to speak.

    Ah, I see its time for some more medicine, so I'll sign off.

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    Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

    Sheesh guys. A conversation about rod cosmetics and finish is one thing, but ragging on each other for personal aesthetics and what somethings is "ugly" or "cool" or whatever is kinda silly isn't it?

    Spring is almost here! I will happily take my old SPL with the mediocre cosmetic finish - that I put on it when I was a very novice rod builder! (still am a novice) - and have a blast casting it and catching fish ... like I have for a dozen years with it.

    One last thought: is it about performance or street appeal? I have some pretty ugly shoes but before I tired them my feet and lower back were in constant pain.

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    Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

    Quote Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
    That made me chuckle. First thing I thought of was Sturgeon. I have had a lot of people tell me how ugly they are. I say, most of the time, they are so ugly they are cool looking. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some peoples taste is in their butts.
    Exactly, same with me and carp. Which is why I fish for them with Sage rods...coincidence?!?!?! **i think not !! **
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

    Storm Drain Bonefisher

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    Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

    Could care less about the cosmetics.....I demand the best components but beyond that not much....I view a rod as simply a fishing tool. After guiding for
    15 years out of a drift boat and a lot of guys using my tackle you get used to severe rod abuse icluding breakage....doesn't pay to attached to your tackle.

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    Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

    I was just fishing on Saturday with a friend of mine who is a Sage guy. I'm not, and so we were standing in the river fishing. He had his Sage One 4wt and I just brought out my new Hardy Zenith 9' 4wt and Hardy UL 2000CC real. He looked at mine and then looked at his and then back at mine.

    All though he didn't say it I could tell he liked the look of my set up maybe a little more, and it was lighter. It's a tool and should be thought of as such, BUT, when they look like the kind of money you spent, it helps a little when they look fancy as well.

    "Never, never, never give up" Winston Churchill

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    Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

    Quote Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post

    And this was not about them. It's about the general concensus Sage makes ugly rods. I also mentioned Winston. Wanna pick on them too? It wasn't about them either, but you can if you want.
    Really Dan?

    Pick on them?? Please, show me where I "Pick on them"

    You have your favorites, I have mine. I'm happy for you that you have as much appreciation for your choices, as I do mine. That being said, I'm very pleased with the appearance of my Sage rods.

    In looking at the photo posted by the walker1099, I still don't see what you find so repugnant about Sage rods.

    But to each his own!



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    Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

    The tone of this thread seems to contain bits of what is lovingly known as the shack nasties. Some of us do indeed get rather testy at the end of a long and dark winter but fear not for, 'The sun'll come out, tomorra...

    For those who say they want a non-glare finish, not to worry, A grit of anywhere from 320 to 220 will suffice while removing some unwanted weight at the same time.

    If the oft used mention of who sells the most rods is supposed to sway minds, just remember that American Idol was the most watched TV show for years and white bread outsells all others by a huge margin. Are these items the best or just the most popular?

    sweetandsalt paints a lovely picture of how Sage rods are made. With the numbers of rods Sage pumps out I fear the reality might be somewhat different.

    For the prices they're asking, a rod best look right while acting right. The easy part of this should be the looks.

    Many companies would look at a thread such as this and take away the information they've gained here of fly fishers honest opinions of their product as good if not the best feedback they could ask for and would use this information to their advantage. Think of it like a manager I once had who told me when I asked how a new manager under him was doing. He said, "That guy just doesn't get it. He tells me what he thinks I want to hear instead of telling me the reality of the doings in his area and the good, hard information I need to improve things"
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    Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

    I'll jump in although the thread is probably dead.

    I'm an art director for a trade pub that covers the oil, lubes, waxes, pastes and greases industry. You'd think that this bunch of guys (and girls) would not care about aesthetics—wrong. You'd be amazed at how much they appreciate well designed editorial.

    That said, I just received my SAGE ONE for my lifetime TU membership. I initially thought I'd keep it, but figured I'd sell it and get a different rod from Orvis and a different weight.

    After I took the photos and put it back I couldn't help thinking how plain it was. It's definitely a streamlined look. Which communicates, IMO...just fish.

    Reminds me of a story a friend told me when he went clay shooting. He was doing bad until the old timer there running the thrower said, he'd hit more if he stopped looking at his shiny new double gun.

    Anyway, I prefer a bit more 'bling' not 'blah' in my cosmetics. The ZG Helios is a nice classy rod as is the superfine touch. I picked out a CF Burkheimer Vintage rod that I'm waiting on. That's probably as plain as I'd like to go. There is still some bling in the reel insert (flamed koa) and the grip (banded cork) and the amber agate stripping guide. Pair with a Saracione Mark IV and it will be a beauty.

    The SAGE ONE will be someone's gem. And based on the bids on ebay it looks like there are a few out there that appreciate it's understated beauty.
    "...all snobbery is defensive..and as important as fishing seems, the most important thing about it is, it's just fishing."

    -- John Gierach


    My TU:

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    Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

    Fish what you want , who cares what you fish. I sure in hell don't. Just enjoy your time on the water. I will be fishing my ugly SAGE or my loomis nrx and enjoying it.

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