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    Default Help with info on old glass rod.....


    stopped by a fishing flea market held by local salt water fisherman and walked away with an old glass fly rod for the princely sum of $4.00. Guy wanted five but when I turned to leave he called out I bought it.

    It is an old South Bend Outdoorsman fly rod, 2 piece, 8.5 feet but all the other identifying markings are rubbed off. Its in good shape-- clearly used but windings are good and no corrosion on the reel seat or ferrules and the cork is in fair shape. I would l best describe the color as dark tan or light brown. I would guess its a 6 weight.

    Question: can anyone give me more info... confirm the weight and/or tell me more about the rod.

    I doubt that I will fish the rod; most likely pass it onto someone just beginning. But I would like to provide a good description of it.


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    Default Re: Help with info on old glass rod.....

    To find the real weight of the rod see this; Rod weights and Common Cents

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    Default Re: Help with info on old glass rod.....

    Try with Dan's method...if you post some pics it'll be better...Rip should reply when he sees your post

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    Default Re: Help with info on old glass rod.....

    I think that you'll find that rod to be heavier than a 6wt.
    An 8' rod would most likely be a 6wt and maybe heavier, but an 8.5' rod is almost certainly an 8wt (+/-). Not long ago I picked up an 8.5' Garcia that's a 9/10

    Personally I would think twice about giving that rod to a beginner and expecting them to learn with it. They may find it frustrating. If that rod is like other South Bends, it could probably benefit from another guide or 2.
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    Default Re: Help with info on old glass rod.....

    The first fly rod I learned on was the South Bend Classic ll 8.5 foot, which was labeled as a 7 weight. Besides the WF and DT 7 weight lines, I found the DT6 to work well. In my opinion, a WF8 overloaded the rod. As I remember, most of the 8.5 foot South Bends I've met were 7's (or C's).

    I can't say how your Outdoorsman would be for someone starting out, but if it's anything like my Classic, I think it would do fine. The caster would just have to learn to maintain a slower casting stroke.

    I haven't fished my SB for a while, however, now and again I'll cast it in my back yard. Even though it doesn't have the pedigree of my other rods, it'll still cast as far and lay the fly down nice and soft and where it's supposed to go.

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    Default Re: Help with info on old glass rod.....

    thanks everyone... I'll try it out with a 7 and an 8 to see how it casts... right now this wonderful mid-atlantic weather ensures it will sit in the corner!!!!

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