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Thread: Soft-Hackled Wet Fly Rod Recommendation

  1. Default Soft-Hackled Wet Fly Rod Recommendation

    I currently use a 7' 4wt rod which I enjoy greatly. Typically fish dries with it but have set-out to spend the better part of this year trying something new-- soft-hackled wets. As such, what should I look for? With the increased role of mending, I'm thinking a longer rod would probably work best.

    Any recommendations? Thanks y'all.

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    Default Re: Soft-Hackled Wet Fly Rod Recommendation

    I was,,heck, still am, tempted by a Grey's 10', 3wt, XF2 Streamflex. (I'm a fan of 3wts myself) But you can get the 10ft in whatever. A nice 10ft 4 wt WOULD be kewl !

    That should be a nymph'ing machine !

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    Default Re: Soft-Hackled Wet Fly Rod Recommendation

    I think rod length is dependent on the size of the water your fishing, bigger water=longer rod. I would be more concerned with the action of the rod, something with a softer tip so you can wiggle it and impart a lifelike action to the fly is what I would be looking for. Maybe a nice older 8' 6" Scott G....

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    Default Re: Soft-Hackled Wet Fly Rod Recommendation

    Have you ever noticed how long Tenkara rods are?

    Use whatever length rod is conducive for the water being fished.


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    Default Re: Soft-Hackled Wet Fly Rod Recommendation

    I fish either a 9' 3wt or a 10'3wt. I also have a 10' 4wt z-axis, but I find it to be too fast for soft hackle fishing.

    I like the action of the Grey's streamflex rods for soft hackle fishing too. They have the right softness and sensitivity for manipulating the soft hackle swing.

    Finally, I think unless you are fishing really tight or brushy creeks/streams, a 9' or 10' rod would serve you well. The extra length enables you to keep the line off of the water or change the vertical angle of the swing in a more effective way.

    good luck.

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    Default Re: Soft-Hackled Wet Fly Rod Recommendation

    David Hughes advocates that you don't need a special rod for soft hackles and wets. Any rod will do -- just something in the 4-6 power range and 7-10' length. I think Nemes agrees with this too.

    I use a 9' 5 weight, but I'd pretty much be happy with anything near that.

    I fish a LOT of soft hackles, but mostly for panfish on stillwaters and small streams.

    BTW - boomslang is a great nick name. Poor Karl Schmidt! Pretty snake though.

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    Default Re: Soft-Hackled Wet Fly Rod Recommendation

    Wet fly specialists...there are very few...use 10' or 11' 3,4,5 wt semi parabolic rods...there are very few too
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    Default Re: Soft-Hackled Wet Fly Rod Recommendation

    Quote Originally Posted by turbineblade View Post

    BTW - boomslang is a great nick name. Poor Karl Schmidt! Pretty snake though.
    in my personal opinion a mid action 9' 5wt can handle anything when it comes to trout fishing (except for lake or sea run or white river caliber).

    Now, the average rod of today is very different than what Nemes fished with. the modern graphite rods are much faster and stiffer. They are geared more towards greater casting distance at the expense of feel and sensitivity. That is why I prefer and suggested a specialized wet fly rod. Also, if you look at British wet fly fishing tradition (that predates Nemes), long and softer rods were the standard......

    I dated a herpetologist for a few years. She used to work with some amazing snakes including inland Taipan to african mambas. I liked the looks and speed of the boomslangs.

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    Default Re: Soft-Hackled Wet Fly Rod Recommendation

    Not an expect at this but I have taken Oliver Edwards advice and use a 9' 4wt. for wets. I guess like some have suggested that it depends on the water you fish.

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  13. Default Re: Soft-Hackled Wet Fly Rod Recommendation

    i know this thread is old, but i just picked up a redington Hydrogen 3110-4 and i think for me it is a perfect soft hackle rod.

    i lined it with a rio DT3 on a sage 1880 reel that i had previously set up for my Echo 81010-4 SR swtich, with which i cast shooting heads on an airflo shooting line.

    i kept the shooting line on the reel and looped the 3wt line to it; this increased the weight and improved the overall balance. the 1880 seems like a huge reel for a 3wt single hander but honestly it could have a little bit more mass to it to get a proper balance on the cork. the 3100-4 would prob balance perfectly with it.

    anyways, i ventured out into rural vermont yesterday evening with the box of wets and took some trout on a size 18 sulphur-colored cdc wet on 11' 7x fluoro leader and i couldnt have been more impressed with the rods ability to cast nearly the entire DT line, mend with ease, and control a swing. also impressive was how sporty a 10" rainbow felt on it.

    the reel is gigantic compared to the grip and reel seat but at 11 feet with the huge reel i feel like its a mini version of AHE Wood's single hander setup for salmon, and that makes me feel great

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