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    Problem solved buy both! Thanks Joni exactly the info I needed as I am a Winston owner. Still sell furled leaders?

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    Absolutely! Gets really crazy some times.

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    Very nice rod - CONGRATULATIONS The finsish looks similar to the Hardy Sintrix rods.
    Best regards from Germany,


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    Received my 4wt with a trout reel and line. Very impressed with everything, the rods fit and finish is very nice and from casting in the yard is smooth and fast. I have owned Allen reels since they first came out and and each time I got a new one they are more impressive each time, this new one blew me away the quality for the money. I'll give an actual fishing test report once the rivers clear up.

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    A big round of applause to the fine folks at Allen bringing rod making operations to America! Though many terrific rods are designed here but fabricated elsewhere, there is often something more than subtly special about rods built by fly fisherpersons for fly fishers. I too look forward to casting Icon. As an aside; none less than G.Loomis on GLX and NRX and Hardy on Zenith employ single foot guides for light weight enhancement of their rods flexural profiles without reliability issues.

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    The builders of these rods are such down to earth people. You should see the Boo they make ;-)

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    Joni, So this is an existing not a new start-up rod shop that has previously built graphite rods and cane as well?

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    It is a couple (husband and wife). He was a custom rod builder specializing in Bamboo out of Pocatello. They moved to Heber and the rest is history.

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    Joni, you are saying Allen does custom rods also ?

    I've ordered other things from them and been MORE than happy. Maybe one day a rod. The ATS series of trout rods are beautiful sticks from the pictures I've seen.

    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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    So to speak he does. I did a report on the Icon on another forum. I mentioned the single foot guides which one person came back with he did not care for them. Justin then
    jumped in with they can make it the way he wanted it, so I guess they can to some degree.

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