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Thread: Which rod

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    Hi folks i will be purchasing small 4 weight in next couple of weeks and i am trying to decide between the echo 3 and the scott a4. Anybody with experience of either rod. Cheers from Ireland.

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    I don't know anything about those particular rods but welcome to the forum!

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    Both are good rods I have a Echo 3 in a 5wt. That I like, never cast a Scott but have heard good things about them . Go cast them side by side see what you like. Go with how it suits you. Both are good.

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    Maybe the Yellowstone Angler 4 weight rod review will assist you.

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    ive never cast the echo 3 but the a4 is alot of rod for the money. They are very similar in feel to the higher end s4 without some of the fancy hardware and such. I own three scott g2s but am in a different financila spot now and cant spend that kind of money on a rod so if i need another i will probably go with an a4. the echo seems to be a nice rod also but from what ive read they are a touch faster. you may prefer that, it would be ideal if you could cast both.

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    Thank you fo the replies, yes i think casting both is the answer.

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    I have a desire to own a scott admittedly, no fly stores sell these in Ireland.

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    While they are both fine rods, go with you desire...Scott is a great company.

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    The Scott A4 is a great line. Looking at a 3wt for a new small stream I just found! Scott is made right down the interstate from me in CO, so I have a soft spot for them.

    I have never cast the Echo's.

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    Just purchased a Scott A4 5wt in March and I have got to say it is incredible. It casts very well all around, but definitely excels when fishing dry's. Made in the US (CO in particular) was a nice bonus too.

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