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Thread: What rod should I get?

  1. Default What rod should I get?

    hey guys, im new to the forum, I just wanted to know what rod I should get. I just started fly fishing last summer and have been using one of those crappy wal-mart packages but wanted to upgrade to a new rod. Some rods i have been looking at are the winston passport, echo carbon, echo edge, TFO pro II, and st. croix avid. I fish for mostly trout in smaller streams. I also wanted to know if i should get a 4 or 5 weight. I am open to other rods as well so if you guys have any to reccomend that would be great.

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    I'm newer than you at the sport, but suggest you go to a fly shop and see if you can cast the rods that interest you, you'll get a better "feel" for what will suit YOU and your casting motion, etc. I have a TFO Pro Special 5wt 8'6" with a Orvis clearwater reel, and a Echo Edge 9' 5wt beginner combo. One I liked from the 1st cast, one I did not like as much but think I got it figured out what I need to do when casting the one I don't like as much, but need to practice with both 'em. I have a 3rd rod to throw in the mix, a Reddington Crosswater combo (9' 5wt) that I've only put together and "shook it" on the driveway along with another of the three but have not cast the Reddington yet. I did like the feel of the Reddington but that's all I can say so far. All three are well balanced in my untrained hand.

    Rod selection is a personal preference, what the experienced voices say here will probably reflect their personal preferences as the rods they like fit their casting motion better than another brand. I still suggest you try and cast all your options if possible to find a rod you will enjoy, you'll know which ones you don't like quicker than the one you like the most.

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    i agree that you should cast a bunch in your price range and pick what you like best. however i can say that the echo edge and st croix avid are both very solid choices in there price range.

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    I've been fly fishing for 3 years. I now own 5 rods. Yes, those selections were matters of personal choice and casting preferences, but there is much to be said about 'all around' beginner specs for a rod...

    I'll share what I've learned to that point:

    1. A 9' 5wt is your typical all around length and weight. The length helps with mending and controlling line. It helps me work around brushy banks too and keep line off the water in my backcast when fishing from a kayak/canoe (seated), or just in deep water. A 5wt throws a good range of fly sizes for pursuing trout, pan fish, bass...

    2. A medium (some call it midflex) action is good because it can throw dries with some delicacy and still handle streamers and nymphs. The 'action' varies between dealers/models so I'd do some checking here.

    3. My first rod was a 7'6" was for fishing up in mountain streams (small here in the east). I then branched out to:

    • 1 9' 6wt tip flex (fast action) for throwing big streamers to large (east) trout and bass.
    • 1 9' 5wt mid flex (med action) for an all around rod
    • 1 9' 5wt full flex (slow action) for dries and some smaller streamers (Kinda duplicates the rod above—but this was strictly a glutton purchase).
    • 1 9' 7wt tip flex (fast action) for going after carp and maybe some striper
    • 1 8'6" 3wt full flex (slow action) for throwing tiny flies to little brookies...the eastern brookies around here don't get that big and landing them on a 5wt or more is no fun at all.
    • 1 13-14' convertible Ito Tenkara rod...just for fun!

    The original 7'6" 4wt sees some action on the same streams I take the 9'5wt on, but in sections that get tight with overhanging trees and bushy banks.

    That said, I fish Orvis, St. Croix and CF Burkheimer rods. I enjoy the actions though they vary. Just takes a few casts to get it dialed in.

    Welcome to the forum! ;-)
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