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    Default Favorite rod for casting streamers?

    What is your favorite rod for when you want to do a lot of fishing with streamers? What characteristics did you look for in a rod before finally deciding that this rod in particular was your favorite for this type of fly fishing? Also, please mention what size streamers you are casting with the rod.

  2. Default Re: Favorite rod for casting streamers?

    I will answer your question maybe a little differently.
    I did not purchase the rod I use for throwing big streamers,
    I actually won it in a contest at my local fly shop. It is a
    7wt 10' Thomas/Thomas, which happens to retail for about
    $620+. (I must be perfectly honest & say that I would not
    pay that much for a rod, but that's just me.) I steelhead/
    salmon fish here in MIchigan & I will throw streamers as
    large as 4"-5". I have typically used Daichi 2220 # 1, or
    some other 4X to 6X long streamer hook. After losing
    several big fish on those big hooks (due to the leverage
    advantage it gives the fish) I have started to tie
    up some big streamer tube flies. Reading several good
    articles & doing internet research that is what I will be
    switching to for bigger streamers. Smaller strong hooks,
    better hook set.

    Just some simple thoughts,
    Tie One On

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    Default Re: Favorite rod for casting streamers?

    I just got a new rod for throwing streamers!

    I fish streamers in the 3-7" range for browns, and before i was using a sage SLT 6 weight, and for the larger streamers in the 7" range, i probably dont have to say it, but it was alot of work.

    I recently got a new TFO TiCRx 8 weight, and even though i have only taken it out 2 days(come on i got it January 25!) I already like it for throwing large bugs.

    Its not too bad to throw 4-5" streamers on a 6 weight as long as you can keep them under 1.5g, but once the flies starting weighing closer to the 2gram mark it can be tough to throw them. And all my 6-7" streamers are over 2 grams.

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    For streamers in a #2 and smaller range, is two choices. Windy days, my T3 9' 6wt tip flex. For all other days my 9' 6wt Zero.
    But the new addition is the 9' 6wt BIIx. Even the 8wt (which feels like a 5wt) BIIx.

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    Default Re: Favorite rod for casting streamers?

    On big water with 200-250 gr. QD lines I like the Hardy Zane 9/7 weight. Although we have a new Diamondback Flawless saltwater six, that looks like the real deal. For years I used a Winston 9-6 weight XTR. You need either a real saltwater six weight or a solid seven to pick up big heads and throw big streamers on bigger water. I know plenty of guys including guides who run eights up here. i just can't bring myself to use an eight on stream browns even though we get some big ones.

    For smaller waters or lighter heads and smaller streamers, a good med. fast 9-6 like the Winston B IIX, Our Cortland big Sky or a Sage XP will do just fine.

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    My go to streamer rods are an Orvis T3 saltwater 6 weight and a 6 weight TLS, I've just added a Helios to the arsenal. I'm also happy with an XP.

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    Default Re: Favorite rod for casting streamers?

    I think a stiff rod is pretty ideal for dealing with sinking lines, heavy flies, and the big fish they often produce. I've had good luck with my Beulah Guide series 6wt with a extra super fast sinking polyleader on the end of a laser line. The big rings and snakes make it work almost like a shooting head with that set up.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Favorite rod for casting streamers?

    For lighter lines and shallower applications I like my 690-4 SLT, for heavier lines and deeper applications I like my 686 RPL and my 790 SP.

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    Default Re: Favorite rod for casting streamers?

    For smaller streamers, a Sage Z-axis 690. For heavier or with a full sink line, a Sage Z-axis 890. Yes, I would pay that much.
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    Scott S4

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