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    Cabela's Custom Glass Rod

    Yeah it seems to throw a WF6F line just fine... Can also handle the added load of a 10-15' T-14 Sink-Tip when I would add one to my floating line to get deep in fast holes

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    I recently bought the 9 ft , 5 wt L-Tech and absolutely LOVE this rod ....I had a very inexpensive combo setup originally .....I went to this rod , and bought an Anglers Roost reel that is also a great buy ..... I have about $300 total in the Rod, Reel, line, backing , leader, and tippet .....Fishing in NY , I've caught my share of nice Browns from the Delaware , and Beaverkill , and other rivers in the area ....I'm pretty new to fly fishing , but this rod really helps me throw my fly accurately, and i have been having a ball throwing like a pro to rising fish and landing a good percentage of them .....I'm throwing RIO GOLD 5 wt on it and it seems perfect and loads GREAT !!..... If you can get past the funky reel seat , you will LOVE this rod !!....Jim

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    Glad you found this rod......seems we fish the same areas. Although I primarily fish the Farmington River in CT.....I was on the Beaverkill this past Monday before the rains blew it out and hit the Delaware for the Hendrickson hatch. I have a 9 foot 4 weight L-Tech that is honestly amongst my favorite rods for casting dries....and I have collected a lot of rods since my introduction/addiction to this sport began. At these prices you can't go wrong with this rod.

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    Hi Walter ,
    I was not sure what a 4wt rod would handle with this rod so I went with the 5 wt to be safe .....Glad I did ....Landed a nice 15" brown that was FAT in the Delaware a couple of weeks ago , early evening , on a Rusty Spinner ..... First time I had ever cast that fly ...My buddy tied it , and this brown just SLAMMED it and took off running ....I was SO thankful that my drag was set right because it almost spooled me ...My drag was smooth and the rod handled the fish like a champ ....My buddy was freaking out as he has fished these waters for YEARS and was really impressed with this fish ...I'm hooked !!.....Jim

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    Sounds good Jim. The Upper Delaware River can really test your metal....I've had days I felt like a hero - and days where those wild educated trout make me feel like a zero....but that is what keeps me coming back. I knew a guide that worked in Montana and The NY/PA Upper Delaware ......he said it best If you can catch a trout on the Upper Delaware - you can catch trout anywhere in the world.

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    All this talk about the L-tech inspired me so I just ordered a 9' 6 weight to use on the lake I live on when I feel like casting to summer bass. I couldn't resist $149.99 plus $5 shipping vs. normal $229 price plus they had a special club offer for Cabela Credit card holders.....use your card and get 25% of the price back in cabelas now I get $37.50 to spend on something else that I don't need. What a vicious cycle.

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