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    So I am having a dilemma and it would be great to get some feedback. I currently have a 6wt rod that I have fished with for a couple of years. This was my first rod and I picked a 6wt (Orvis Clearwater with BBS reel) so I would not be as frustrated with the wind on some of the Colorado streams and rivers. With that said I have started to get the bug for a new rod, nothing wrong with old one, just want a new toy.

    So my question is, do I buy a nice 4wt setup and keep the entry level 6wt or do I sell the 6wt and get a very nice do it all 5wt setup? I am assuming that having a 4wt and 6wt would be considerably more versitile, but I have also read that the new highend (BIIIX, Sage One, Helios 2) 5 weights can work well through the entire range. Any thoughts on what you would do in the same situation?
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    Default Re: Rod for Colorado

    You could probably go a couple different directions and be happy, it's like buying a Ford or Chevy. I have a 3 wt, 4 wt, 5 wt, 6 wt, 7 wt and a couple 8 wts. The 5 wt is a Sage One, I use that mostly for nymphing, for dries I have a Scott G2 4 wt, but when the wind comes up I will revert back to the 5 wt. For streamers I mostly use the Sage Z-Axis 7 wt although I have an Orvis Helios 6 wt that has never been fished. For small mtn streams I like the Orvis Superfine in 3 wt. YMMV!

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    Default Re: Rod for Colorado

    Oh boy... it depends on where you're fishing. Small streams need small rods. I second the 3 weight Superfine recommendation. Larger streams need longer rods. I have 5 weights in 7', 7'9", 8'6", and 9'. I have an 8' 6 weight that I haven't fished in years. Give us an idea of your intended usage ?

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    Default Re: Rod for Colorado

    nobody can answer this but you. now for me the clearwater isnt a bad rod. no its not a high end rod but its certainly not junk. Iwould but a 4wt and keep my six. ofcourse i love 4 wts in general( i own 4 of them) you also have to think what type of fishing do you do most,small ste\reams , big rivers, dries streamers. i would put the most money into the rod that is gonna perform bestat the kind of fishing i enjoy most and do the most of. Which is probaly why I own so mant 4s i like to fish dries and small nymph rigs on relativley small to medium creeks and fish poppers for big panfish and small bass in farm ponds. my various 4 wts do a great job of that for me.

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    Sorry I should have included additional detail. Now I fish most of the rivers in Colorado depending on where we are for the weekend (S Platte, Yampa, Blue, Pan, Clear Creek, and alpine lakes). I live in Golden so my home water is Clear Creek, small (~30 across) water that I am throwing small nymphs the majority of the time.

    I would say 90% of my fishing is done within a 40ft range with most of that within 20ft. I really enjoy fishing smaller waters (Big Thompson in RMNP, tailwaters of the Taylor, Deckers) and most of the time the flies are small nymphs or dries. I will fish out of a boat 2-3 times a year the 6wt I have right now is great for that (I am sure a new 5wt would work as well).

    I may have just answered my own question given I like the smaller waters, maybe a 4wt would be nice to have in the quiver.

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    Default Re: Rod for Colorado

    Keep the six, buy a four, think about a three down the road.
    I fish weights one, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, five-six, eight-nine. A man has to be prepared.

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    Default Re: Rod for Colorado

    I vote for 7'7" 4 wt by a Colorado builder. It is a great rod for the streams in your state I've been fortunate enough to fish. The 6 wt should be kept for the bigger water you also have available.

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    I agree on the 4wt but if you're looking for a general trout rod, leaving the 6wt for streamers, bass ,etc, then I'd go longer than 8'. I have a 7'6" 4wt and 6'6" 2wt and fish them both but would find them limiting if I didn't have a 9' rod. My 9'er is a 5wt but could just as well be 4wt.

    The main reason for going over 8' is the extra reach to hold line over current lanes moving faster or slower than the one I'm trying to dead drift through. For this reason actually looking to build a 10' 4wt specifically for nymphing. Still love my short rods but more and more I'm seeing the value of having a longer one around here.
    - William

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    Default Re: Rod for Colorado

    I have a Scott 8ft 4wt that is great for the smaller rivers and streams. Nice versatile rod.

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    Default Re: Rod for Colorado

    Keep the 6wt and get a 8'6" 4wt or 9' 5wt. and keep a 7'6" 3wt in your head. Living in Colorado I have accumulated a small collection of rods and back up rods and rods for friends and rods I keep in my tuck incase I get out of work early or for sudden, last minute trips.

    Go to your local shop, I suggest Rocky Mountain Anglers in Boulder, and string up and cast the rods your looking at. My personal preference: 9' 4wt Sage ONE!

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