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    Default Re: Clearwater and Sage One 4wt

    I can't comment on the Sage, but I do own the Clearwater and I can say that Orvis has just outstanding service from your regional store to the HQ in Vermont. The Clearwater is well made and I'm like you, somewhat new to the world of fly fishing. You also can't beat the warranty that Orvis offers. Good luck.

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    Regarding Sage warranty, I broke my top section of my One rod with a fly that had bead chain eyes. 14 days later I had my rod back with a new top section.


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    Default Re: Clearwater and Sage One 4wt

    I can attest to the warranty and customer service of Sage as I've had nothing but good experiences. I also really like their rods. That being said I couldn't appreciate the difference in mid range to upper level rods for quite a while. Then as others have mentioned the preference of a rod varies greatly amongst the individual. If your just as satisfied with the cheaper rod then that should be your answer.

    Besides if you stick with the sport your going to be collecting lots of rods in the near future. You can always upgrade when you appreciate them more.

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    Default Re: Clearwater and Sage One 4wt

    This is a timely post.
    I am considering a Orvis Clearwater in a 10' 4wt for a lake rod.
    Sounds like it may be a good choice...
    Vance in AK.

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    Default Re: Clearwater and Sage One 4wt

    you have come down to 2 rods and your stuck on the fence. This is fantastic because the price difference between them is $500. It sort of makes the choice easy, I should tell you that the orvis clearwater graphite is top notch, this rod truely is amazing at $200, time and again people get confused by the low price. The clearwater is a true steel, there is almost zero vibration in the blank, it tracks line incredibly well, deadly accurate and light weight. It is a teer 1 rod disguised in an affordable rods body, you won't be dissapointed. However, like someone said earlier, the choice will come down to you and what feels best for your technique and uses. I have cast both rods extensively and I'm biased because I don't like the ONE at all. I love sage graphite such as z-axis, VXP and TXL-F rod series, but the ONE is so incredibly stiff. You will get far more line feel with the clearwater, and your range of casting technique will be increased with the clearwater because of its more flexible blank. I guess I just think starting out on a rod such as the sage ONE will cause you to only be accustomed to super fast rods, its good to learn on a slower action rod because it increases your knowlege and ability of how to cast different style rods, I believe it will make you a better fly caster and angler. My 2 cents love it or hate it.

    P.S. I should also mention that wit the clearwater or any other orvis rod if you don't like any of the features on the rod you can send it into the rod shop via an orvis retail location and they will customize the rod to your specifications for a minimal fee. Thats insane customer service, I respect this organization immensly for this reason and their level of concern for thier anglers.
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    I got the 904-4 Clearwater combo in June. I do not regret it in any way. Great combo for the money.

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    Default Re: Clearwater and Sage One 4wt

    I just started fly fishing about a year ago, and I bought a Clearwater. I did so after reading reviews, and in part due to some exceptional customer service at the Orvis store. I've fished with it 2-3 times per week since then, and I really like it. I don't think for a new fly fisherman that you can go wrong with the Clearwater. In the past year I've caught cuts, browns, brookies, bows, and salmon on mine and I know it will continue to serve me well. The 25 year warranty is nice, too.

    I get the Clearwater and use the extra cash you'll save on waders and other supplies.

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    Default Re: Clearwater and Sage One 4wt

    I love my Clearwater. I would suggest a different reel though maybe the cfo or access. I have the Hydros line and it compliments the rod nicely.
    John L.

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    Default Re: Clearwater and Sage One 4wt

    I love my older Orvis Clearwater stick, it can cast a country mile. As for what rod is the best, that's up to you. Orvis has a great warranty, but the rod is built off shore. The Sage rod is produced in the USA

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