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Thread: W W Griggs rods

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    Default W W Griggs rods

    I'm looking for a small rod for creek fishing. I'm usually on a large fast river, with a full size outfit, but occasionaly pack in to high lakes and mountain streams and would like something more realistically proportioned.
    Has anyone had experience with the Grigg 6'6 4 piece 3 wt rod ? Looks like a fun, inexpensive choice for the backpack or truck. Opinions ?

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    Default Re: W W Griggs rods

    My first fly rod was a WW Grigg 5/6 and I still take it with me as a back up rod.

    It's not as light as all the new fancy rods, but it casts well and it saved a 3 day trip when my buddy broke his rod on the first day. He fished it the rest of the time and never complained about it.

    I would say yes.

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    Default Re: W W Griggs rods

    I had an eight weight that a ferrule broke on me when I first took it out for some lawn casting. I think that I just had a bad apple of the production line. WW Grigg replaced the rod for me for $20. I gave the rod to a friend who uses it for Pyramid Lake (NV) Lahottan Cutthroat Trout regularly.

    I sold a bunch of these rods at a general sporting goods store. They are functional. If you plan on using it as a beater, the rod will do a fine job.


    PS: Just check the ferrules.

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    Default Re: W W Griggs rods

    I buy all my kids Grigg rods as they decide to get into fly fishing and need a move-up rod. They are VERY inexpensive but are excellent little rods.

    I have a few of their 6'6" rods and the kids go bonkers, they don't break very easily and I think I paid 39.00 for the last one.

    Two thumbs up, as the kids get a nice rod, that I don't have to worry if it gets broken the first day out. Oh and I have yet to break one..LMAO as I have broken at least 3 sages while my kids haven't broken one of their Grigg rods.

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