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    Default Scott Rods Reviews?

    After posting my thread about a week ago with regards to G.Loomis and Sage, I am now looking for feedback on Scott.

    I have always liked what I have seen (Print and TV) from Scott and from the few folks that I have spoken to, they seem to rate them very high. The rods look very nice and craftsmanship look very good. I am not sure if I like that each rod series is basically the same color however and I do not like the ferrule system on the G2.

    I am looking for two new Muskie rods and I know that Scott was the first to introduce a Muskie rod, the S4s Muskie. I already have a 10wt. NRX, with an 11wt. NRX on the way. So for this rod it is between the Scott or the Sage Muskie.

    Any and all feedback that you folks can provide about Scott rods, good or bad would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Scott Rods Reviews?

    Scott rods are pretty good rods made in Montrose, CO. If you were to buy any of their rods though, I would go and test cast them in a couple weights up and down from the line weight you're looking for.

    I have a Scott G2 8'8" 4wt and it is one of my favorite rods. It produces a nice crisp, tight, and medium/slow action that I like in a dry fly rod. It is slow, but she has some cojones.

    On the flip side, I had a S4 9' 5wt. that I hated. I bought it sight unseen and forced myself to fish it for a year. It was very dumb feeling and too fast even for someone like me. It felt more like a six or seven weight to me. I have since sold it. The S4 9' 4wt. is amazing though. A true light weight 4 wt. that dances in the hands of a competent caster.

    I broke my 5wt S4 the year I had it and it took almost 3 months to get back so their warranty service seems a little slow. YMMV

    “Fishing for me, as funny as it sounds, is sorta my brand of praying almost. I’m never closer to my spirituality than when I’m in the act of fishing.” - JT Van Zandt

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    Default Re: Scott Rods Reviews?

    Ultimately, the rod has to match the caster's stroke but one can extract general information from the experiences of others. My primary graphite 4wt is the Scott G2 8'4"-4. I love its medium flex and sensitive tip. It is outstanding as a dry fly rod, great as a nymphing rig (sz 16 and smaller) for small - medium sized streams but is just okay with very large nymphs or streamers.
    The streams I like to fish require casting in small tight windows, side arm casting, bow and arrow casting plus some 30-45 foot casts where the G2 excels. The rod does require very good casting mechanics into a stiff wind (unlike my Z axis...which is very good into the wind, even with mediocre casting mechanics). Plus I really enjoy the feeling of the fish on it...I find the blank very sensitive. The build quality is excellent and cosmetics are classy. Never had the reason to use the Scott customer service but did talk to their technical services several times and spoke to individuals who knew what they were talking about and more importantly were fly fishers. They guided me to choose the perfect line for the rod.

    I have never cast a S4 but based on the other reply to your posting, am curious about trying out the S4 4wt.

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    Default Re: Scott Rods Reviews?

    No one else have experience with Scott rods?

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    Default Re: Scott Rods Reviews?

    I have 4 Scott rods,a 10wt STS and 3 Heliply rods in 6,8,and 9wt.The 6wt and 8wt Heliply rods see the most use.The 8wt is my go to saltwater stick for beach and jetty work and the 6wt sees a lot of use on the salt flats as well as bass in freshwater.Scott is a very good company to deal with.I broke the tip of my 8wt a year ago and I sent it back for repairs.Not only did Scott build a new tip but they rewrapped the mid section and installed new ferules at no extra cost to me.Thats service.These are the only Scott rods im familiar with but many people think highly of their products.

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    Default Re: Scott Rods Reviews?

    I have fished a Scott PowerPly S3 9' 8 wt for steelhead and as I recall it had a good feel. I then fished a 8'8 3wt G series on the Frying Pan in Colorado, waayyy too soft for my liking and I was dry fly fishing almost exclusively.

    I fish a Scott A2 9' 8wt and regardless of where this model sits in the Scott food chain, it is a fine casting rod once you find the right line.

    I recently sold a Scott A3 9' 4wt, good rod, just didn't speak to me too much.

    The other day I test cast two of Scott's latest offerings- a 10' 4wt S4 and a 9' 4wt G2. Granted the day was windy but the G2 flexed very deep and while well made it didn't feel alive. The 10' S4 on the other hand rocked but was a little heavier than what I wanted.

    Within the next week I'll have a Scott STS 9' 4wt arriving, I am pumped about this one. Faster than the Gs but still a good dry fly choice. It's a very light rod at 2.7 oz, fast yet delicate. Now I just need to find the right line..

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    Default Re: Scott Rods Reviews?

    I own four scott rods they are my favorite rods by far. but 3 of them are g2s wich i use for trout fishing a 3wt 2 4wts and a 5. my 9 foot 4wt is my go to rod if im not sure what ill be fishing nymphs streamers dries whatever. i prefer them to the winstons and other that i own. having said that if you like loomis and sage im not sure the scotts are gomnna be for you.they seem to excel at building trout rods with lots of feel and a medium fast action that has decent but strength. they are not high speed whiz bang under rated rods that need a line size heavier to cast well.the s4 is their faster series and i owned a 9ft 6 wt for a couple months and sold it. just doesnt seem to be what they do best. love my g2s because they aretrue to theyre line rating have lots of feel and fit my casting stroke perfectly but someone who needs a rocket launcher may prefer something else.

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    Default Re: Scott Rods Reviews?

    I have fished Scott rods since they were made out of fiberglass in San Fransisco. Modern Scotts are very carefully and intelligently crafted with above average hoop strength and straight tracking. I have discontinued STS...Scott's answer to GLX in 9'/#4, a great trout rod and 9 1/2'/#8, one of my favorite Atlantic salmon rods. I have an S3 9'/#4 (Scott literally invented this configuration in the late 70's) that I like but is a bit heavy and needs a 1/2 size heavy GPX; a line I am not fond of fishing with. A rod I use wading mangrove lagoons in tight quarters is a Heliply 8'8"/#8 a unique and lovely bonefish rod and I have an S4s 8-weight too which I love to fish when distance is not a big factor (then the NRX comes out). Though I fished the progenitor of the always popular "G" rods 30+ years ago, I find the current ones too deep flexing with too slow tip recovery for my style of dry fly presentation but I like them (as slower rods) far better than the far less sophisticated tapers of the Winston "Bx" rods despite some DNA sharing that exists between the two good old American companies.

    Scott is a great company with wonderful people, all of whom fly fish, that pours more care and awareness into their rods than is customary. However, Sage and Loomis utilize some technology in designs that flash more brilliance, so the Scotts I fish are primarily employed in specialized circumstances that they excel in. When I fish in Colorado, you bet it is with a Scott!

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    Default Re: Scott Rods Reviews?

    Scott is definitely up to par with Sage, Loomis, Winston, etc...Their build quality is excellent and customer service is top notch in my experience. One of my favorite rods is the Scott F2 653-3 glass rod. I like to think of Scott's as specialty tools, whereas rods like the Z-Axis and One are more or less a "do-it-all" rod in my opinion. Scott is definitely worth trying out.


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    Default Re: Scott Rods Reviews?

    I have 4 Scott rods that I wouldn't trade for the world. I let a 5th one go a while back that I knew I would regret but if one had to go letting the 3wt go made the most sense. I have fished with a bunch of different rods and while they all work, none seem to fit my cast as well as the Scotts. The rods I own are:

    4wt F2, a fantastic light dry fly rod
    7wt Heliply, one of my all time favorite smallie rods
    8wt S4s, my current go to striper rod with the smoooooothest stroke
    10wt S4s, will be my big fly stick when I get the reel for it

    Each one of my rods have something "extra". It's hard to put my finger on it but when I fish with a Sage or Loomis, that feeling is not there. Other rods seem a touch too sterile but my Scotts have a personality that becomes part of the experience, part of the addiction.

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