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  1. Default Fenwick Eagle flyrod inscribed "For Lee and Joan Wulff"

    I found an older (20 -25 yrs) Fenwick Eagle graphite fly rod with the inscription "For Lee and Joan Wulff" on the rod. Does anyone out there know if this rod is rare or valuable? Was it really made for them or were thousands manufactured? Any info would be welcome.

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    Default Re: Fenwick Eagle flyrod inscribed "For Lee and Joan Wulff"

    No idea, but it makes me wonder why there aren't more (otherwise) $10 Shakespeares inscribed to Ray Bergman being offered on eBay.

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    Default Re: Fenwick Eagle flyrod inscribed "For Lee and Joan Wulff"

    My friends at Goggle know nothing of these rods being produced un-mass........ Which leaves or perhaps begs the question, where exactly would a fellow 'find' a rod inscribed in such a way?

    The rod itself is not of excessive value. The inscription, unless the author can be identified, does little to add to the other wise low value of the rod........ In other words I could go up to the loft and grab an old Scientific Anglers graphite rod and whip off a 'For Lee & Joan' inscription and wonder about the value of the rod at that point.

    As a last ditch I would contact Mrs. Wulff and ask her about the rod. She is a very nice lady and would probably know if the rod is a long lost gift or whatever.

    Sorry but that's that,



    While I'm on a roll Steve, a little more content on your registration and profile helps a great deal when you open your membership by asking a "what's this worth" question. From an administrative view I must consider that you might be looking for someone who might want to offer to take the rod off your hands. With an empty profile and no location listed I would warn people from contacting other than through open posting on the thread.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Fenwick Eagle flyrod inscribed "For Lee and Joan Wulff"

    as well as some pictures

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