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    Default redington predator?

    i have a 7'11" in 6wt. on the way! i'm wondering does anyone own one and if so what kind of line does yours prefer? right now i use Rio smallmouth line on my 9' 6wt. but i'm thinking the predator will be stiffer and might require something like outbound short or s.a. magnum taper??

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    Default Re: redington predator?

    I have a 7' 11" 8 wt predator and it is really quite stiff -- works better with a #9 line than a #8.

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    Default Re: redington predator?

    Quote Originally Posted by moucheur2003 View Post
    I have a 7' 11" 8 wt predator and it is really quite stiff -- works better with a #9 line than a #8.
    I have one as well and it works wells with both an 8wt outbound and a Sage Bluegill (yes, I know, but it's a 230 grain line, which makes it a 8.5wt).

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    Default Re: redington predator?

    I think they work very well with the RIO Mainstream Series Saltwater in the same weight as the rod.
    I have the 8 weight and it works a treat with the above 8 weight line.
    I tried the 8 weight outbound short 330 gr and thought it was way too heavy.
    Maybe judt me.

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    Default Re: redington predator?

    I just received my predator 6wt 7'10" just 2 weeks ago and had the change to try it the first time yesterday (saturday). Redington's staff recommended me the Rio Power Fly 6wt and a member here also recommended me the same line.

    I tried that line yesterday and although it casted the frog pattern and poppers size 4 and 6 with precision (I wow myself that I could cast into a dark spot under a branch sandwiched between 2 logs from 40ft away on a boat), I still think the 6wt Power Fly couldn't give what the 6wt Predator needed.

    I am using 8wt Rio OBS (320 grain) for my Zenith, and I think the 6wt OBS 30FT head with 230 grain head will be the best match up with the 6wt Predator. The Power Fly line will give you more delicate presentation and will do the job for the Predator. I just think that Predator will love the 6WT Rio OBS.
    I am exchanging my Power fly line with the Rio OBS.

    Congrats with the new Predator, it has a lot to offer and come with a great price. You WILL be happy with it.
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    I am highly qualified to comment in this forum after receiving a Specialized High Intensive Training (S.H.I.T) at the Olde Schitt Institute of Technology (O.S.H.I.T).

  6. Default Re: redington predator?

    Well, I use a 6 wt. 9' Predator here in the PNW for saltwater beachfishing, both for sea-run cutthroat and coho.

    Here in the Puget Sound and Hood Canal we're on fairly big water and often tryin' to punch through pretty good wind.

    My floater is a Rio Power Fly and my intermediate is an Airflo 40+.

    Both work well but the 40+ seems to load the rod much better which makes my less-than-perfect casting much easier.

    I'm really likin' the Predator!

    Just my 2!

    Tight lines!

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    Default Re: redington predator?

    ok...i got the rod today!! i put a spool of Rio 6wt. smallmouth line on and it actually cast GREAT!! which is strange since the Smallmouth line has a long 200gr. head. switch spools and put on an 8wt. Smallmouth line.....280gr. and the rod flexed all the way to the butt and felt like a noodle! the 6wt. line went back on and it is flexing the tip and just starting to flex the midsection. either way it can rocket line out to pinpoint accuracy!! i did a quick field test and think ill be sticking with the smallie line.....sorta the best of both worlds...point and shoot cast good and if i need a false cast it works at that too. now my other 9' 6weights will be collecting dust

    little guy but at least i know the rod still flexs on the small ones

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