I may be late to this and if so, my bad!

As others have said, they are both great rods. I would lean towards the NRX. I personally have a few of the 6wt. NRX rods that get used for everything from stream Smallmouth, to sink tip streamer fishing for Trout to the calm flats for smaller Bonefish.

The NRX is a very versitile rod, with phenomenal feel and tremedous power. Someone already mentioned the cork; it is by far the most comfortable cork and grip shape of any rod I have every fished!

Also, if you get one in the original "Blue" color and it happens to have darker blue wraps, it is a sexy rod when its outside and in photos!

On a side note: the StreamDance GLX was mentioned. Another very, very fine rod. I also have this rod and depending on what you may do more, it is a very capable, all purpose rod. However, for sink tips and larger streamers, its the NRX.