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    Default Re: Best Streamer Rod Under $300

    My brother has a sage VXP 6 weight, 9'6". Great streamer rod and nymph rod. I like the extra length, so I would recommend a longer ( 10 foot ) rod. The added length feels like it does help with throwing those heavy flies and line. Plus if you are fishing the Truckee alot, I would definitely prefer a longer rod just because of the technical situations you can get yourself into on that river.

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    I love streamer fishing and used a few different rods, depending on the species I'm after, the size of streamer and the location I'm fishing. I fish a lot of smaller rivers where we have to stop the boat to drag it over a gravel bar or around a blown down tree and just can't get comfortable taking some of my sticks on those trips. I recently picked up an Echo Ion 7wt and I really like it. I also enjoy fishing my Redington CPX rods.
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    Default Re: Best Streamer Rod Under $300

    How long is a piece of rope?

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    Default Re: Best Streamer Rod Under $300

    Decided to go with the echo ion 9' 6 wt. and set it up with a rio sink tip. Once i get it out on the water I'll let everyone know how it turns out. I appreciate everyone's feedback.

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    Great choice it's a durable beastly type of rod, love my 8wt just got it too.
    Ill end up with 6wt and a 9wt ion at some point.

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    Default Re: Best Streamer Rod Under $300

    The Beulah Classic SH guide series is priced at $290 and you get a lot of rod for the buck. It comes standard with two tips and is available in all the trout line weights. I have a 3 wt and a 9' 8 wt. The 8 is what I use for big streamers and large night flies. It is a joy to cast and fun to catch fish on. The Beulah line of single hand rods is an overlooked source of quality rods for under $300.

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