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Thread: 2 weight rod?

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    I am a TFO fan. Now throwing a 2 Wt. 6 Ft Signature 2 that retails for $119.95. I buy TFO for the value, and for the no fault lifetime warranty as I have been known to catch a Ceiling Fan, playing with my Fly Rod in the living room. Sent the rod and a $25 check on Monday and had new section by Friday.

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    If you're not in a big rush, and aren't a stickler for it being a brand new rod, keep an eye out for an SLT or SPL 282-3 to pop up on ebay, or elsewhere. Seems like they usually go in the neighborhood of $300, and are a real pleasure to fish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by means View Post
    I have convinced myself that I need a 2 weight for the small creeks around here.

    Can anyone recommend a modestly priced rod? I would prefer a med to med fast action if that is even possible.

    Also why are all the 2 weights 6 feet instead of 7 like the 3 weights are?

    The TFO Finesse Series and the Redington Tempt are both great 2-weights! They are also both over 7' in length.

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    TFO and Redington 2wt's are both great rods. Can't go wrong either way.
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    i have a redington tempt 2 wt. love it. 7.5 foot med action. great for far dry casts on spooky brookies and works well hitting pockets at a distance. cheap rod for what you get out of it. i paired it with the redington drift 2/3 and a rio trout lt 2 wt line. works marvelously.
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    I am a huge fan of the superfine rods by orvis for small stream application, it doesn't get much better than this. At $495 it may be out of your price range. However, If I was only trying to spend around $200 I would either go with the 7'6" 3 weight orvis clearwater, nice medium fast action, just delightful. Or I would go with the TFO finesse 7'9" 2 weight, I could be wrong about the length on this rod but its over 7' so it would be a great choice at $189. Good luck

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    TFO Finesse. Finally got to really use it last week. Liked it alot!

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    I suggest that you consider a Hardy Classic.

    I cast the 6' 2 wt. and the 7' 3 wt. last Spring and liked them both. In the end, I went with a Scott F2 6' 2 wt, because I wanted a slower action rod for gentle presentations.

    Have a look:

    Hardy Fly - Products - Flyfishing Rods - Classic Rods - Classic Lightweight


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    I have fished the TFO, but still prefer my old Sage LL 279. Maybe my favorite rod... you can find one every so often, if you're patient, on the big auction site.
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