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Thread: 2 weight rod?

  1. Default 2 weight rod?

    I have convinced myself that I need a 2 weight for the small creeks around here.

    Can anyone recommend a modestly priced rod? I would prefer a med to med fast action if that is even possible.

    Also why are all the 2 weights 6 feet instead of 7 like the 3 weights are?


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    Default Re: 2 weight rod?

    I recently purchased the Orvis Superfine Touch in 2 wt. It retails for $495, which puts it in the mid-range category. It comes in either 6' or 8' lengths. I got mine for the same reason you stated in your post. It has a soft feel and is rated as a full flex rod. However, I can still get plenty of distance when needed, but it makes for some nice presentations.

    It's a very nice little rod. I opted for the 8' version so I can fight the wind that inevitably comes up whenever I fish.

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    By the way, welcome to the forum!


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    Default Re: 2 weight rod?

    I'm really really happy with my 7'6" 2/3 weight St Croix Imperial and a 3 weight line. Mines old. Not positive what the current imperials are like. If you are looking for a balance between super soft presentation and the abilty to throw weight #12 mirco streamers easily, you should at least cast on.
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    Default Re: 2 weight rod?

    I've use both of these and for the price they are great rods. I think you can get both of them in a 2wt

    Elkhorn Traveler 1wt, very easy to cast for such a light line
    St Croix Avid 3wt, nice all around dry fly rod

    I think the Elkhorn warranty will turn around damaged rods faster than St Croix if that is part of your decision making process.
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    Default Re: 2 weight rod?

    7'3" Echo Carbon. Try to find one negative review about it. We love ours!

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    Default Re: 2 weight rod?

    I've got three '2 wt' rods:

    St. Croix Imperial - 6'0"
    St. Croix Legend Ultra - 7'6"
    Sage ZXL - 8'0"

    The one I use the most often, by far, is the 6-ft. Imperial. Here's part of the reason:

    When I measured the ERNs of these rods, I found the Imperial is really a 1 wt. The Ultra is a 2 wt, and the ZXL measures as a 3 wt.

    Also, the Imperial weighs only 1.8 Oz. (Ultra 2.8; ZXL 2.6) Combine it with a light reel and you have a small, light package.

    I've caught 1 1/2 lb. trout with it. It bends a lot, but is otherwise fine. The only negative I can see is hook-setting. It's so light that you have to put a little extra oomph into the hook set.

    Plus, it's the least expensive of the bunch ($170). (I should mention it's a two-piece. Broken down, it's still longer than the others.)
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    Default Re: 2 weight rod?

    I have a 7 foot 3 inch TFO finesse that I use for the smaller creeks in my area.......medium action......and fun all the live long day!!!

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    Default Re: 2 weight rod?

    all good suggestions. of the bunch the legend ultra is my favorite. had one of those that actually got btoken in a car accident. didnt replace it but i should have.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions.

    I looked at the Superfine but don't like that it is a full flex.

    Right now I am torn between the Orvis 6 foot Clearwater or the Echo 6 foot.

    Both of these ended up being on the bottom end of price but they have the warranty and I like the way they look. The Clearwater reviews said that it had a little stiffer but section so that helped with casting.

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    Default Re: 2 weight rod?

    i picked up a new colton slipstream 6' 2 last year on the big auction site last year and i gotta say its a beauty, especially what i payed for it.

    an absolute bluegill killer!!



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