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Thread: Tiny 2wt

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    I was at cabelas today and they had a few small rods on display. I picked one up (out of curiosity) and I was shocked at how small it was. It was a 5' 2wt rod. No reel on it. But the rod seemed so very thin. And the reel seat was obviously smaller. I guess I just got used to my 9' 5wt. But are these rods as strong as they say they are. It just seemed like if I casted hard I could snap it.

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    Took me half a season before I was willing to really work my 3 weight - had the same fear. Push it and it will shatter. Come to find out it liked being pushed - whudathunkit?
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    I was thinking about getting a smaller set up but figured until I start fishing creeks and rivers I'll wait and see what I can do with my rod I have now. Although it was on sale. Haha.

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    Be careful about getting into UL Fly Fishing. I started with a 7 Wt. 10 ft. over in England in the early 90s. Stationed in Montana and had to get a 5 Wt. 9 footer. Retired to South Central Texas and had to get a 3 Wt. 7Ft 6" for Pan fish as our trout fishing is pretty much limited to the Winter months. Now I am throwing a 6ft 2 Wt. and dreaming about a 5 Ft. .5 Wt..

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    I bet it throws a 2wt like garbage too. My main fishing buddy has a 5'6" "4"wt of a certain Cabelas brand, its a 6wt. Anything less then a 6 and it falls flat on its face.

    On a side note, I have 2 3wts that are less then 7' and they are a blast. I have yet to have fear of breaking one and I've landed trout in the 14-16 inch range on it with no problems.
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    I wouldn't get one as small as 5' maybe closer to 7'. But that won't be for a while.

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    I fish a 7' 6", 2wt and have caught trout up to the 15-16" size. Total blast. And roll cast ? that CT 2wt is a roll casting dream on small'ish streams. The 3wt,,,you can roll a cast into any water you might wanna hit.

    My fast action rods when roll casting ain't worth much. The 2wt and 3wt medium actions are a dream. My Superfine full flex 3wt,,,,you'd think I was lying if I told you how delicate and good at roll casting it was. You just think it, move the rod and it's there. It's almost magical.

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    Recently got a 3wt Redington Tempt and a Lamson Guru 1.5 cant wait to use it on a couple of small rivers I know of that have lots of small brook trout and baby largemouth bass.

    But 2wt wow that will be fun!

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