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    Default Re: Winston has ruined me!!

    Four years ago, after fishing a number of $75-100 rods, I took the plunge and bought a Winston BIIX 9' 5wt. I told myself it would be the only (and certainly only Winston) I would need. One shot of that green heroin and now I say, this will be the only 8'6" 4wt Winston I need (as I look at several other 4wts in the closet).

    Now I just rationalize that I'm not into cars or motorcycles...

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    Default Re: Winston has ruined me!!

    Its a funny thing, this business of fly-rod addicts. I started out on an old fenwick 5/6 weight rod as a kid. The first rod I bought myself was an orvis clearwater 8'6" 4 weight, this rod was so light and crisp and I figured there was no way I would need to spend more because the more expensive rods were'nt much better. Then I had to get myself an orvis access 9' 5 weight tip flex a few years later, the performance increase was crazy I couldnt believe it. I thought at this point I had reached valhalla, nope, dead wrong. Then I got crazed and bought a loomis NRX, few months later a 9' 5 weight sage VXP and realized damn, this sage graphite is just butter smooth and can handle all types of all flies in almost all sizes and weights. Thats when sage got me by the balls.

    Then I went completely off the deep end and bought myself two sage z-axis double handers, a z-axis 11' 8weight switch, and a z-axis 13'6" 7 weight spey rod, along with two hardy marquis salmon reels the #2 & #3 models. I am completely irresponsible and my fiance' is getting nervous to marry me, I'm afflicted with fly-rod dependancy. Again, once you've got a taste of qaulity graphite its game over. Recently I test casted a C.F. Burkheimer 7133 spey rod and 9' 5 weight classic single hander, Looks like I'll be maxing out the credit card and getting a divorce :P

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    Default Re: Winston has ruined me!!

    Quote Originally Posted by fly_guy12955 View Post
    I could easily see a classy older guy like myself with a Winston...I really can.
    Yes.......I think we should partake in this "Winston" older gentlemen, and respected members of the fly fishing community......I firmly believe it is our "duty" to set the example for future generations.......we shall lead.......we shall carry on the pristine traditions of the pursuit of trout on the fly!!! Now,.....if I can only convince my wife to finance my pursuit of my destiny.........

    Here I walk slowly, deliberately, taking it one step, one trout, one sunset at a time. -Harry Middleton

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    Default Re: Winston has ruined me!!

    I feel like I belong on one of those hoarding shows. My worm fishing $30 wally world spinning rod buddies look at me like I'm crazy when I mention what they cost and how I want more.

    They will never understand, and never experience the true fishing experience.

    Well I'm not ready for marlin on the fly so ill stick to spinning gear for that. Haha
    "A good cast is like a good whiskey- It's smooth and hits the spot" -Anonymous fly fishing guide

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    Default Re: Winston has ruined me!!

    Quote Originally Posted by flyfisher117 View Post
    I think you owe me a new keyboard..
    Sorry about your keyboard, a new one is on it's way

    Just found a (sort of) review of the Winston III LS. It is the replacement for the BIIT to upgrade it from Boron 2 to Boron 3. If Boron 3 is still the latest and greatest from Winston we won't see a B3x replacement anytime soon. Granted I'm not looking for a B3x replacement, I just wont to get the B3x at closeout prices

    Winston Boron III LS Fly Rod Review / Trident Fly Fishing

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