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    Default Re: SLOOOWWWW action graphite rod?

    If I ever gonna go SLOOOOOOWWW, I will go with the Orvis Superfine.
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    Default Re: SLOOOWWWW action graphite rod?

    I don't know about a 4wt superfine but my 8 1/2', 3wt sf flex's what feels like all the way into the elbow.

    I might one day pop for a 7 1/2ft , 3wt sf for the smaller streams.

    For me, the SF is the perfect trout rod.
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    Default Re: SLOOOWWWW action graphite rod?

    I've said this so many times that it seems that I'm

    However, that has never stopped me in the past so I'll say it again.

    Any of the 1st generation Orvis Graphite rods will be a wise choice. These would be rods produced between 1975 & 1984. They were made in many lengths from 6'6" through 8'6" for the lighter line weights 3 - 6.

    The Far & Fine #5 weight is perhaps the best known of the lot but any of them will preform like a slow fiberglass rod or with a simple change of stroke & timing you can tighten up the loop and throw 80' casts with relative ease.

    They come for sale on eBay regularly but don't plan on them being cheap. It would seem that I am not the only person who understands the versatility of these rods because they sell regularly between 250.00 and 385.00 depending on the model, vintage, and condition.

    The date of production is stamped on the butt cap of all but the earliest rods. If you buy post 1985, you will be getting a generation 2 rod which will simply not be the same.

    I've been using a Far & Fine #5 since 1979, there is no way I could ever say enough good things about the rod.


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    Default Re: SLOOOWWWW action graphite rod?

    I am personally not in the deep flexing camp of rod actions, however, we did have a new Circa 8'9"/#4 in Camp this past month. It is super slender, handsomely crafted and as deliberately slow-stroke timing a rod as I can imagine yet remain presentation functional. It is no wimp, it can cast with some authority albeit not at distance, its has personality and quite a bit of charm. As others have opined, Scott's long standing G/G2 series of rods are deservedly beloved for their deliberate yet usable gentle touch and also very well built. Among older rods; some early T&T's and Diamondback Classics were quality carbon rods with slow actions. And, though their recovery rate may be slower yet do to increased mass, fiberglass remains a great rod building material for shorter, slower rod applications. The greater mass of the glass contributes to its in-hand sense of flex similar to cane.

    Slow action, deep flexing rods can be fun for swinging a soft hackle caddis pupa or aiming a dead drift nymph to a visible sub-surface feeding fish on a gravel bar but if you hope to generate line speed and tightly controllable loops for reach casting and in-air line mending to alight a dry fly with precision in a bank feeder's lane a more progressive taper with a quick recovering tip is far more responsive.

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