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jastrout 07-23-2013 11:55 AM

New Scott Rod?
Ran into local TCO shop in State College to pick up quick item.Saw interior of shop had compete redo and wall pass rod rack And what is this? Four new Scott Radian Rods?? Must have been in cave never heard squat and no time to even pick one up.But looks stunning and should for $800. Any body know about them ?

fireroad 07-23-2013 12:36 PM

Re: New Scott Rod?
I was just getting ready to start a new thread about this rod to see if anyone cast it yet. It's Scott's new fast-action rod that will replace the S4 and is supposed to compete against/be an alternative to the Sage One. I believe they are targeting medium-fast action guys looking for a fast action to throw bigger bugs and cut through the wind. It just one "best new freshwater fly rod" and "best of show" at this year's IFTD show a few weeks ago. A number of the magazines have done short articles on it and they really like it FWIW. This one has a link to an interview and video.

I really want to cast one in 6 wt.

mcnerney 07-23-2013 12:56 PM

Re: New Scott Rod?
It will be interesting to see once a few customers have purchased the new Radian to see what folks have to say once they have had some time on the water fishing.

sweetandsalt 07-23-2013 04:03 PM

Re: New Scott Rod?
This rod sounds great, looks great and emanates from a great company...I look forward to trying one but they were yet to arrive in any of the Montana/Idaho shops I visited while on my annual Western adventure.

jastrout 07-28-2013 12:37 PM

Re: New Scott Rod?
Test Cast: Ok lets set the stage , this is not Yellowstone shootout but an, average Joe ca:pster that is gear junkie.Took two rods to compare, Scott G-2 8'8" 5 ( only Scott I own ) and Helios 1 8'6"5 midflex ( last modern graphite purchased) . Use my reel ( Hatch 3 with new Rio Gold WF 5). Generic leader 9' 5 weight. Appearance : My barometer are custom glass rods by Mike Mcfarland , Matt Leiderman, and Larry Kenney . Three of the best. Well the Scott looks custom built. Shames the G2 but not a fair comparison . This rods looks the M series offered in the Scott web site. It is that attractive. Weight : Feels light super light in hand. I only casted the 905 to compare to my two personal rods with me. Feels like three weight. Ok is it lighter than Helios? W/O looking at figures it feels in my mitts identical. Frigging super light and balance.
Now to first cast: Again I am no Joan Wulff just average on good day but boy it made me look smooth. But so does the Helios. Is it fast? Yes comparing to any graphite that I own . Never casted a Sage One, Zenith, and my most powerful five weight is two piece 8'6" 5 GLoomis IM6 Blank, my Sages are SLT and ZXL. Faster than both of them BUT touch felt the same. Again just lawn casting opinion. . Much different than G 2 as stronger butt and swing weight was lighter. But I felt it could present a dry fly in same fashion. To me it was totally different rod with line speed ability with close approach finesse. I did not really match it against the Helios as there is the H2 and frankly 15-20 minutes is not enough time or sophisticated tests to do so. Buy it yes or no? Can this rod do more than anything I own now? Or will I catch more trout than using my Redington CT's ? Latter no but for $800 plus It may be well worth selling some unused rods and have one rod for my particular stream needs here in Pa. Again this was no way a report more than alittle behind the shop lawn playtime no real stream test but never have felt such an unique rod the instant I casted it.

fireroad 07-28-2013 03:33 PM

Re: New Scott Rod?
Thanks for the review Jastrout! I'm glad you mentioned the ZXL has that's what I primarily fish (905) but now that I have a Circa I want to upgrade the ZXL to a more all-around 5 wt. I really want the BIIIX but I may hold off until I cast the Radian.

mysticm 07-29-2013 05:22 AM

Re: New Scott Rod?
Nice review Jastrout! I may have to put up some of my rods to fund the Radian :)
By the way, I often wondered how one could gauge the sensitivity / feel of the rod w/o actually catching a fish on it. I suppose this would be very difficult to accomplish since most fly shops won't allow a test drive (fishing) for a new rod.

troutnut4 07-29-2013 06:46 AM

Re: New Scott Rod?
You boys certainly have my vote if you want to sell your rods and jump to the Radian. Not much going on in the way of choice in the classifieds this summer.:D

sweetandsalt 07-29-2013 10:07 AM

Re: New Scott Rod?
I need another 9'/#5 about as much as I need a wind knot in my tippet...but this new Scott sounds fascinating and I can't wait to try one.

The performance differential among my core rods is more incremental and rod "personality" driven than dramatic as the majority of my trout fishing is match-the-hatch dry fly on medium to large rivers. Any rod from any maker that can convince me it offers an exceptional virtue is welcome in my collection.

Incidentally, I believe sensitivity, responsiveness/recovery rate, tracking and "feel" are all revealed in comprehensive test casting. Any rod, short of one that runs out of butt power, can be enjoyable when attached to a fine trout, and one that runs out of low end reserve will quickly reveal that during the distance component of test casting.

mysticm 07-29-2013 10:16 AM

Re: New Scott Rod?

Originally Posted by troutnut4 (Post 577055)
You boys certainly have my vote if you want to sell your rods and jump to the Radian. Not much going on in the way of choice in the classifieds this summer.:D

Already in the works :) ....planning to round up all the extra bits of tackle this afternoon and list them shortly.

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