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shimloom 07-26-2013 07:46 PM

Want a 2wt Need a little help.
I have a Sage ONE 9' 4wt like new I want to get rid of and replace it with a 8' 2wt, or maybe a 1wt. Was wondering if anyone had a recommendation.:)


fireroad 07-26-2013 11:45 PM

Re: Want a 2wt Need a little help.
If your looking for a fast action 1 or 2 weight you really need to cast the Sage TXL-F 7'10" models. I like a slower action in my 3 wt and unders (think Sage Circa) but I have to say the TXL-F is very impressive. The recently (last 3 years) discontinued St Croix Legend Ultra was supposed to have a very impressive 2 wt. If you can live with a slower action it's really hard to beat the Orvis Superfine series.

plecain 07-27-2013 08:21 AM

Re: Want a 2wt Need a little help.
In not-quite-current rods, the Sage ZXL 8' 2 wt is very nice. I use that quite a bit. It casts better with a 3 wt line, however. This lining-up is common with Sage rods I've found. My 8' 6" Sage ONE 4 wt is a lot happier with a 5 or 5.5 wt line.

I also have the St. Croix Legend Ultra in a 7' 6" 2 wt. It's a true 2 wt and works fine with a 2 wt line.

Finally, I have a St. Croix Imperial 6' 2 wt. This is the 2 wt I use the most. This rod is a very light 2 wt. It's really more like a 1 wt and casts 1 wt line beautifully.

comeonavs 07-27-2013 08:58 AM

Re: Want a 2wt Need a little help.
If money is no issue I am a huge fan of the TXL series. I have the 7'10" TXL in 3 and 4wts and they are awesome. My wife bought me the TXL-F 1wt for Christmas and I am yet to get to use it, but yard casting it feels as great as I imagined.

PS I picked up the 3&4wt second hand.

I had a Elkhorn traveler 1wt and it was a great rod. Had my wife not gotten me the TXL-F I would still be using that Elkhorn

von behr 07-27-2013 11:33 AM

Re: Want a 2wt Need a little help.
Check out the Orvis Superfine Touch series. They are mid-priced rods at under $500, and are made in Vermont. I bought the 8' 2wt. a while back after testing offerings from several different brands. It's a great little rod with a soft, smooth action.

-VB :)

pszy22 07-27-2013 01:10 PM

Re: Want a 2wt Need a little help.
I've fished an Orvis 1 wt Superfine for alot of years, it's been a great rod. I haven't used the new 4 pc models, but at least my more vintage rod is tough to beat.

p.s. I'd definitely go with a 1 wt rather than a 2, but that's personal opinion.

shimloom 07-27-2013 07:12 PM

Re: Want a 2wt Need a little help.
Thanks for the info. I already have a Sage TXL-F 7'10" 3wt, (have 3 3wt rods at the moment) maybe a 1 wt would be better. Thinking of using it for 'gills and small water. The Orvis stuff has caught my attention. Was looking to do some trading, perhaps just selling the 4wt and buying a 1wt would be easier.


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