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Thread: Sage SLT

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    SA may have at one time made those lines for Sage, but considering the fact that Sage and Rio are owned by the same holding company and they have coordinated marketing and sales forces, I suspect Rio is making all Sage lines at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikesalmon View Post
    Just purchased a Sage SLT 790-2 piece.
    I am now looking for a line for it.
    I fish mostly for Salmon first and Trout second.
    I was thinking about the SA GPX because of its general purpose but someone mentioned that it may be a bit heavy for the action of the rod.
    I was also thinking of the SA Mastery Trout. However after reading the posts on this thread I am wondering if I should forget about SA line and go for the SAGE Performance Taper.
    Your suggestions and advice are appreciated.

    Thanks, Mike
    Hi Mike,

    I will have to agree that the GPX may not be the best line for your SLT.

    If Salmon is your target fish then I would be using SA's Steelhead floating line. For Salmon I would prefer a SA sink tip line. The sink tip is proportional to the line size. So a 7wt would have a longer sink tip than a 5WT.

    You might want to consider the RIO Gold line. It is intended to be an all around line. It might mate with the SLT action pretty good. You really need more than one line to fish both Salmon and Trout.


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    The SLT is replacing an Old Daiwa Carbon Whisker Power Mesh 7wt. That I used on a regular basis for salmon.

    I have both a cortland 444 Floating and Sink Tip line already. However I need to replace the Floating rocket taper because it has some nicks in it.

    So I am trying to find the best match for the SLT rod.

    The person that mentioned that the GPX might be to heavy also stated that the RIO Grand would most likely be the same.

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    Do you think the:

    SA Mastery Trout Taper or Sage Performance Taper

    Would be the best choice for the SLT-790

    If I can't obtain the Steelhead Line.
    (i am currently watching some lines on ebay)


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    Hi Mike,

    Let me be clear. I was recommending the best line for the application. I don't own a SLT and can't say what line may match it best. Maybe some of the owners of the SLT may be able to help you more.

    Even with out casting a SLT I still think the RIO Gold may be a good match. You are right about the RIO Grand it is an over weight line for its rating like the GPX.


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    Thanks, Frank.

    There is a SAGE perfomance taper on ebay ending soon. I may try to bid on that. Since it is specifically designed to function with Sage Performance Rods

    I guess all I can do is really try a line and see if I like it. Unfortunately in my neck of the woods there is no fly shop just a walmart.

    I won't know till I try!!


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