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    Default Zenith's new reel seat

    Took a look at the new Zenith and proaxis today and am happy to report the new reel seats are gorgeous! Took their new sintrix rod the Jet out for a swing as well and it's a the zenith a serious run! And for under 500! I'll be buying for sure!

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    Default Re: Zenith's new reel seat

    Was at the Hardy Cup in Catskill NY and saw the new versions and agree 100% esthetics improvement. Note the Jet is alittle softer stick at least wiggle test. I like the feel. Was real tempted to snatch a 10' 3 wght older Zenith as the previous reel seat is lighter and at 40% ?off it was close to coming home. But big news from Jim Murphy was new English made Bougle reel coming in fall around $475-525 range and gorgeous looking and Jim said guts are better than before. My favorite Hardy reel by far.

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