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    Default Free CFO with Superfine Rod

    I didn't know where to put this so i'll put it here. Good through September 1st. FREE CFO Fly Reel with the purchase of ANY Orvis Superfine Fly Rod
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    Default Re: Free CFO with Superfine

    Pretty good deal on a whole setup. Those guys at Mad River are excellent to deal with. Super bunch of guys and they have some nice specials from time to time.
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    Default Re: Free CFO with Superfine

    Best trout rod there is plus a free CFO reel,,hell'va deal. Wish I could take advantage of it.

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    Default Re: Free CFO with Superfine

    is this a good deal for a beginner? I was also looking at the Scott A4. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


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    Superfine is a beautiful rod, but it's kind of a specialty rod... full flex for gently presenting dry flies close in. It's certainly not the "best" tool if you plan on throwing streamers or fishing weighted nymphs with an indicator.

    Due to the full flex slower action, it might be challenging/frustrating for a beginner to learn casting mechanics.

    Generally speaking, a more versatile rod with moderate-fast action like the Scott A4 would be the better choice for a beginner. It will probably perform better (present the fly to its intended target with less effort/skill) in a wider variety of fishing conditions.

    Fly fishing is all about preferences, and there really are no absolutes. So, if you really like the rod, and don't let "conventional wisdom" stop you.

    BTW, my second rod that I did most of my fishing my first season was a Superfine 7'6" 1wt. Great rod for VERY specialized situations, but it steepened the learning curve for sure. My current "go to" trout rod is an 8' 4wt Scott A3.

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