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    Default Redington 'Butter Sticks'

    Aren't they due out this month ? Went searching to see if they are available yet but I guess they aren't. Anyone know what the release date on the butter stick is ?

    Wish I knew more about the actions that Orvis was gonna be using on theirs. If they are similar, I might go Redington though I am a big fan of Orvis,,esp if the Orvis rods are going to be softer.

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    Default Re: Redington 'Butter Sticks'

    They are out, or should be.

    My my fly shop has a couple of them in. I pulled up and one was laying on the bushes outside. Good lord is it ugly!! the blank is something else. I didnt know it was fiberglass at first cause I made a few casts and was like wtf is with this action?!? Then it hit me, oh wait...sloooow it down and then it cast nicely.
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