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    Default Winston GVX Select 890

    I'm thinking heavily about this rod. I love 8 weights with a deeper-loading feel. Does anyone own this rod or have any experience with it? I would like to know more about it.


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    Default Re: Winston GVX Select 890

    No one on this?

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    Default Re: Winston GVX Select 890

    I have an 8" 4wt gvx that is my favorite rod ( I like it even more than my 6wt biii-sx ). I don't have any experience with the 8wt though

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    Default Re: Winston GVX Select 890

    Yes I have the GVX 8wt rod and fish it often and really like it. It is a "lite" 8wt rod imho, which feels spectacular with a WF7 line on it when making really long casts.

    I bought it because I also fish the 6wt GVX and it is my favorite all around trout rod of all time for Rocky Mountain region river fishing. I bought the 8wt mainly to be my dedicated Galloup type Big Articulated sz4 Streamer fishing stick, but have also come to love it for throwing junk indicator rigs to big trout, and big froggy type bass bugs to largemouths.

    I think it is a really versatile stick and I don't plan to sell mine anytime soon.

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    Default Re: Winston GVX Select 890

    It's ironic that you mention light lining the rod. In my time of figuring out Scandinavian casting, I've went through tons of heads. I've aimed for longer, heavier, shorter, and none felt right. I did some research on how the Europeans line their rods and have come to the conclusion that they don't line then add heavy as we do in America. A fine example is my Lecie 7/8. It likes 350 grains according to the Europeans. I think their dead on. However, I think Rio suggests around 400+. After figuring this out, I light lined my 5 weight spey to 270 grains and loved it. Then, I light lined my 8 weight bvk and loved it. There's something about the high line speed finesse, over the deep loading power that I just love.

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