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Thread: Bonefishing rod?

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    Looking into getting a bonefishing rod for Bahamas area. Have pretty much decided that a 9' 8 wt would be the most versatile/best fit as I can use it for red drum hear in NC as well. Is an 8wt too much/too little for bonefish with wind etc? Ive looked at the TFO rods and have seen the BVK is very popular. Any other rods/brands I should be looking at for around 200?

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    Where and when do you plan on fishing in the Bahamas?

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    Im not sure as of yet. Still looking into destinations and trying to pick/decide. Will be next summer. Ive been looking at turks and caicos. also interested in little cayman but know that's a different area.

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    I started off with the bvk 8 wt but casted the mangrove from TFO and love it. It makes me look like a better caster. Its a sharpshooting rod.

    Check em out if you can

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    Your proposed locations suggest a combination family vacation in a potential bonefishing location. Hence the request for a modest priced outfit. A dedicated lodge in the Bahamas is so costly that the tackle price is hardly relevant. I have not cast TFO's Mangrove but we do have a BVK#8 among our gear and it is OK. And, yes, a 9'/#8 4pc. is the way to go. Also check out Rise Fly Fishing "Level" Series, our forum's own "Flying Pig" (there are two reviews in the tackle review section above), Albright Tackle on-line and, though a little more like $300, Rajeff Sports ECHO3. A floating bonefish tropical line from SA or RIO and a reel designed for the salt and you are good to go. Two other critical pieces of bonefishing gear are; quality polarized shades in a cooper color and flats wading boots to protect your feet from coral.

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    $200 is really a tough price point for a bonefish rod. The key aspect being the ability to make short casts very accurately, yet have enough power to get through some wind. The TFO BVK and new Redington Vapen would be great places to start.
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    I believe an 8wt is the right choice. I don't think I would go under an 8wt honestly due to the probability of wind. Even a small bonefish ( 3lbs or less) can make an 8wt feel relatively small in the hands. As a general rule I rather have a little more club in the salt then not enough.

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    The Clymb has the Redington CPX 9' 8Wt for $130 on closeout, that was their top of the line rod until the new models came out. I've got one in 9' 6" 8WT it's a bit of a beast, pretty fast and stiff, likes to be overlined, but when you get it right it'll cast a country mile. Hard to beat that price.

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