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  1. Default Advice for fly gear gift please


    I know nothing at all about fly fishing, but I'd like to offer a good fly rod and all that goes with it to my husband for his birthday. He mostly likes to fish trout. Can you help me in selecting something good that won't break the bank, but will make my hubby happy?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Advice for fly gear gift please

    Your going to have to dig threw his stuff to find out what weights(sizes) of rods he has, so you dont buy him a duplicate weight.

    Also what is breaking the bank? I just bought what is considered a middle of the line package for around 300 dollars that had rod, line, and reel. But some might consider that breaking the bank.

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    If you want to really please him give him a gift cert to a fly fishing shop. Put a Picture of a rod in his card along with it.

    Or better yet get him a ORVIS catolog ( they are free ) and wrap that up with the gift card

    I am sure he will love this and will negate him returning a rod he wont fish or already has. We flyfishers are pretty selective about our tackle. What one person might love might not fit the hand of another..
    Hope this helps


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    Thank you for your replies.

    The gift-certificate idea seems a good one, except that I really would prefer offering the goods... We have, in our family, an unexplainable aversion to gift-certificates...

    About 300 won't break my bank and I think (hope) that can make for good fly gear?... My husband would be starting out in fly fishing (doesn't have fly gear yet), but he's been talking about for years and has just recently gotten back into fishing (kids, like, etc. had gotten in the way).

    So, what I'm really looking for is brand, model recommendation for someone starting out at fly fishing. Also, is the length of the rod supposed to be in relation to the length of the fisherman or in relation to what he wants to fish and/or he fishes? It's so confusing.

    Thank you for any help. :-)

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    I forgot to mention... we live in Canada and buying here (in-store or on-line) would be a plus.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Advice for fly gear gift please

    Hi Artemis,

    Here are some outfits that include the Rod Reel and Line. You can order on line or call the fly shop. They ship to Canada and accept all methods of payment. You want a 9' rod in a 5 weight with a 5 weight WF(Weight Forward) fly line.

    The first is a Sage Launch Outfit for $375. This would be my choice. This outfit has a better reel and maybe a better line.

    The second one is a TFO NXT Outfit for $175. A very good beginner set.

    You could also consider the St Croix Premier Outfit for $160.

    Here is the Ebay link.

    This shop is the main sponsor of this forum and offer a 21 day trial period. Here is the 800 number but I don't know if it is good in Canada. 800-811-8211


  7. Default Re: Advice for fly gear gift please

    Thank you, thank you! You all are quite helpful!

    Can you tell me, how do I go about determining which length rod would be best?

    Also, because I will give this to him while on a fishing trip, I'll need to include some flies in the gift package. Which would be best for trout fishing in lakes?

    Again, many thanks!

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    Default Re: Advice for fly gear gift please

    Todays fishing combos are so much nicer than ever. I would suggest you get a 4 piece rod setup in either an 8'6" or 9' rod. Fraink's suggestions are nice and sound options. There are so many values today you would never have seen 15 yrs ago. TFO has a Finesse series rod you should consider while Lamson makes the Konic and Velocity fly reels for modest values. All good stuff. There are perhaps 4 or more options today for every one you had when I got into the sport. I too would recommend a 5 wt. Good Luck and have fun.

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