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    Default Re: To Glass or Not to Glass

    i'm always on the lookout for a new glass rod.
    another cgr is currently on my radar
    i should have bought a few when they were 50 bucks.



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    Default Re: To Glass or Not to Glass

    90% of the time there is a huge difference between vintage glass and the newer glass blanks. Just like grapite the technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds. Much lighter, sensitive and dead on accurate. Can't go wrong with new glass. Closest thing there is to the sweet feel of fishing bamboo rods.

    For glass I currently build on Epic blanks, whenever possible. They make a 8' 4 weight that is a killer rod. The only rods longer than the 8' 4 wt. is their 686 ( 8'6" 6 wt.) and the 990 (9' 9 wt.) Not to mention they offer their blanks in 6 different colors. So the custom options are just about endless. Check out the rod building section here and you will see several Epics I have posted. You will see what I mean about color options.

    I have also built on Steffen Brothers blanks and they are smoooooth. Haven't built on Kutubo (I know I butchered that name), McFarland or Tom Morgan blanks. So no experience on them.
    "Blessed is the fly fisher who's quiver contains grass, glass & graphite custom rods." Book of Rods 3:16

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