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    That's the bad thing about not having any shops close. You pays your money and then sees what you get.

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    The action on the CT is so sweet. I sing its praises to everyone. Seems like they can always be had somewhere or another for under 100 too. I think I scored both mine from steepandcheap for like 80 bucks. The funny thing is the retail on them is around 150 and I honestly feel they'd be a good deal at twice the price.

    I am a huge Redington fan because of the quality they offer for the price and they have a ton of great rods but the Classic Trout is really the gem of their entire line (I haven't laid hands on the Vapen or all the other brand new stuff). The RS4 was another rod I personally felt was a home run from Redington and I own 2. I think the CPX was considered the RS4's replacement and my CPX, while nice, is probably my least favorite rod I personally own. Its a nice rod and can sling line like a rocket but the action is just not my taste.

    Anyone that doesn't at least give the CT a look is doing themselves a disservice IMHO...

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    Thanks for he replies guys I pulled the trigger on a 5wt 9' CT. If its anything like the little time I got to use the pursuit it will be great!

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    Aside from slowing down your stroke a tad. Since the pursuit is faster than the CT. The CT virtually casts itself.

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    You did good with by buying the CT. Even if they were'd still be getting a good rod. Built very nice and clean and the action is speaks 'TROUT'..they just speak TROUT. I have an Orvis Access and it's a nicee rod, no shortcomings, but I will tell you,,the CT is as good. Plus the upside,,for small money I got two,,,a 7 1/2 ft and an 8 1/2 foot. The only problem is deciding which one I like best !

    Seriously, I've been fortunate enough to acquire several nice rods since my return, and my CT's take back seat to NONE of them.

    I think the days of paying extortion prices to have a good fly rod are gone. You can get very good to totally outstanding rods very reasonably priced now.

    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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    I am also a big fan of The CT series having accumulation of 3-6 wghts . Three were purchased via Cabelas as I have a terrible time working with The Clymb website . Connection is slow and sign in just plain frustrating. Enough venting these are fine casting rods and I am not confusing quality to my Sage ZXL but again they fish very similar. Agree with posters that at $150 that is still respective deal and under $100 a steal.

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    I got my CT for 70 bucks because I found in the back of the rod rack at the shop. Owner didnt knwo he had it haha. Found a 5 and 6wt, I took the 5, buddy took the 6, its hands down his favorite rod. he almost likes it even more then his Winston MXII
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

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    I sure like my 5 wt as well. I just checked it out online and looks like the red oval graphic with the Redington name is gone. It never concerned/bothered me. This all seemed like a marketing experiment to change the "Classic Trout" name to something less pigeon holed with the "Tempt" name change, and they found there was enough of a following for this rod that it was a mistake to mess with a good thing. I'm happy with my $75 investment when they discontinued it the first time. And... it has a lifetime guarantee, but that's a whole other thread.

    Classic Trout Fly Fishing Rods | Redington Fly Fishing

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    I don't know if Redington was temporarily insane or just dumb with this whole tempt deal.

    ....they have a hot selling rod, perhaps the talk of the industry for price point rods...and they dump that into the bargain bin and then recreate it with a new name that makes no sense (as opposed to "Classic Trout" which is actually the perfect name for the rod)...and then the Tempt won't sell because everyone who ever looked at a fly rod is buying CT's for 75 bucks from whoever has them.


    I've got mine

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    Thanks for the answers guys, sounds like the CT is going to be great. Come on brown truck!

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