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    I am more accustomed to being on the answering rather than asking end of this sort of inquiry but my memory can't dredge this up. I have a 1986 vintage, 9 1/2'/#8 2 pc. Orvis graphite with a moderately full flexing action. Normally the name would be on the butt cap but this is a "Presentation" grade model which had a treaded rubber cap which is missing in action, nor do I have the original aluminum tube. I have approached Orvis to research a replacement cap but neither the very helpful young customer service gentleman nor I can remember the name of this rod...I know it had one like the "Salmon Specialist" or some such. For those who think, "hey, this doesn't sound like an S&S style rod", well you're right. Except that it is an ideal rod for dead drifting Great Lakes steelhead flies which is what I got it for and used it up until the late 90's when I stopped fishing the Lake Ontario tribs. But circumstances have me going up there in early November after the salmon are spent and the steelies are in their chrome bright glory; does anyone recall the name of this rod?

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    Looking at a 1983 catalog and find 2 9 1/2' 8 weights. First is the Rivermaster with a freshwater type seat. Second is the light Salmon/Saltwater rod which has the "same casting dynamics" but comes with choice of 2" or 6" butt extension. The 9 1/2' 8 wt wasn't available as a presentation model at that time but certainly could have been 3 years later.

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    "Rivermaster" it is! Thank you, Rich. This one has a freshwater zebra wood insert with black anodized hardware. Rather than a locking nut; the entire fighting butt rotates to lock against the up-locking hood. At the base of the butt is supposed to be a threaded in, black rubber, rounded "knob". This piece did not fit into the tube (?) and is missing. I hope to hear from Orvis today about availability from a parts bin in the rod shop. Undoubtedly all three of these rods employ the same low-modulus blank which today is functional as a big shock absorber attached to a small fly attached to a bright Lake Ontario steelhead. Around the same time, Orvis built a 10'/#7 3pc. "Western" that was even been better in this application but I can't find it...I'll keep looking.

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