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  1. Default overlining my 3wt. rod??

    I ordered a Cabela's 3 Forks, 3 wt. 7'6" rod sight unseen, based solely off of things I have read on line and good recommendations. I have since heard some not so good things about them, but....we'll soon see.

    My question is...I have a 4 wt. double taper Cortland 444 line that I bought because I thought I was going to buy a WW Griggs 3wt. that I knew was really fast, almost stiff, and I know a heavier wt. would help the rod load on short distance casts.

    What are the advantages/disadvantages or warnings/good reasons if I use this 4 wt. line on my Cabelas 3 wt. rod?


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    Default Re: overlining my 3wt. rod??

    it wasn't built for a 4wt...get a 3wt. dt and be happy with many people think you have to overline and underline a rod.. you don't. if you bought a rod to stiff sell it and get one you can handle...stiff rods were built for fast water, big water, and wind and heavy flies..why in small rods i have no idea..and for the pro's..for small streams and such you are better off fishing a softer rod..
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  3. Default Re: overlining my 3wt. rod??

    I'm also not a fan of overlining for most fishing situations. IMHO, a 3-weight rod was made for 3-weight line. Having said that, if I were going to overline I'd probably do it with a double taper.

    Years ago some rods were 3/4, meaning: 3-weight for WF line, 4 weight for DT line.

    Also, each fly caster is different; so I suggest you try the line on your rod and see how it feels to you. You should be the final judge.


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    Default Re: overlining my 3wt. rod??

    The 4wt line will slow it down some, but could make it more ideal for shorter casts. Assuming you are planning on using it mostly for small streams, it could work just fine. However if you want to stand on a pond bank and play SUPERCASTER, it may fold like a tent in a tornado, and possibly even get damaged.

    All that said, I am generally opposed to overlining as well.

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    Default Re: overlining my 3wt. rod??

    Hi dorian,

    If you look at the AFTMA ratings for fly line you will see that you are over loading your fly rod. The design of the rod will determine how well your rod will tolerate the increased line weight. What you need to do with a 4wt line on your 3wt rod is to shorten up the amount of line you have outside the rod tip. If it was me I would weigh the front of your 4wt fly until I have 100 grains of line. That is what should be out side the rod tip. Lay the line out on the rod and determine when you have 100 grains of #4 line outside of the tip and then mark the fly line where you would be holding the fly line with your line hand. Now when you have the mark in your hand you will properly load your 3wt fly rod with a 4wt fly line. This is not too bad of a set up if you are fishing small streams. You won't have to has as much line out to make short cast.

    I have mentioned weighing your fly line a few times and the best way to measure the fly line in grains is with a reloading scale. I have a hook that I put on the balance bar to hold the powder pan. You can place the scale on a table edge or if you scale won't measure this way, do this. C clamp a narrow board off the table edge so you can set the scale out on the board. Then support the line you want to weigh on the balance beam hook. You will get a fairly close measurement. There are also spring scales that you can buy just to weigh fly line. The Umpqua line scale is $20.


    AFTMA Fly line weight ratings (grains)

    Weight Grains Tolerable Range

    1 60....................54-66
    2 80....................74-86
    3 100..................94-106
    4 120..................114-126

    First 30' of fly line.

  6. Default Re: overlining my 3wt. rod??


    Your post was informative (as were the others). Since I can't imagine a situation using this rod on small creeks where I would have a lot of fly line out I think I am going to be fine with the 4wt. dt.

    I also really like the suggestion of marking it at a certain point so I know when to stop casting line out. I will see if I can get a local fly shop to help me with that.


  7. Default Re: overlining my 3wt. rod??

    I over and underline my rods all the time. The fact is that that rod was designed to load with a three weight line at thirty feet. I know much of the small stream fishing I do is much closer then thirty feet. The fact is that a four weight line will load the rod quicker for those close in fishing situations. On very close quarters you could even go with a five weight line.
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    Default Re: overlining my 3wt. rod??

    don't worry about it too much. a "3wt" rod, as stated is called a 3 wt for a specific distance. hell, to be honest, i don't think i always cast at 30 feet all of the time (;-) and i'm sure most don't either. i fish a 4wt DT on a 3wt rod and it works fine. ANY fly rod will cast a line 2-3 weights above and under. just not so well at a specific distance. you may never notice any problems at all.

    it's late and i am not formulating thoughts well. basically, fish the 4wt and be happy. some day, try a 3wt.

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