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Thread: Orvis Frequent flyer 8# 7 pce

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    Looked at your blog. It was well done . . . could be a good fly-fishing travelogue for an Argentina fly-fishing adventure. Am curious, though, on a trip that had to cost mucho dinero, why you only brought one fly-rod with you?
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    Argentina is very cheap.. lodging, meals, public transportation. Biggest expense once you're there is a car at about $35 per day (maybe 40 with insurance), which you need to get to the good and remote locations. It is only expensive if you want to use a guide and arrange for it before you leave the US. So overall.. the plane ticket costs the most, but I used miles. With the car, i would budget about $50 per day.

    Only brought one fly rod because i was carrying everything in one backpack(limited space), bought one 7 peice before I left (the 4 piece was a little big to carry on the side of the pack), and it was my first trip down there.

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