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Thread: Best 5 wt under 250.00 ?

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    First let me start off by saying I'm a new Member. I have been fly fishing for over 20 years but don't consider myself an expert by any means. I'm looking at a couple of fly rods to replace my old one that recently broke. It was a Cabelas Brand LST. I liked the rod but after it broke they were horrible about taking care of me with the 25 year warranty it had. The rods I am looking at are the Echo Carbon or Edge. I'm also looking at a couple different TFO rods. The Pro series and the BVK. I'd like to hear what advice people may have for me on this. I'm looking for a rod with a Med-fast to fast action and one that has a good warranty that the company stands behind. Thanks!

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    Not sure how strong or type of action of a 5 weight you want, but check out the redington CT (Classic Trout). Smooth medium action rod built for trout fishing. think they are around 149 bucks, but you can find them on sale for 80-90 at times from cabelas, the clymb, etc. Google redington ct and it is hard to find a bad review.

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    I have an LL Bean branded rod and it is a beauty. They are around 100$ and comes with a good reel and the line floats nice and high and casts well.
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    Welcome FinFan,

    It might help if we had a little more info concerning length and application -regions, fisheries and species?

    We've still got three LST's in-service and they're brutes by comparison to most of the rods you've mentioned. Basically, our LST's are all used with multi-tip and shooting head systems.

    I'll confine my reply to five weights that I've used in these series.
    In the med-fast to fast range - I like the Echo Edge as a general purpose rod, with as good a balance between backbone, sensitivity and speed as any of the rods in this price range - although I've also fished ( big difference from casting in a parking lot ) a Winston Passport that struck me as being very capable. I still use the Edge's predecessor, the Echo2 in a 9' for 5 at times and so to me, the Edge has those recognizable qualities that feed & drive my bias. The T.F.O. Pro's always seemed to be a tick to soft for general apps ( Yet I've owned two of them ), but were fine for low wind, low flow - light load days. For that type of application, I'd choose the Echo Carbon over the Pro. To me the Echo's just seem to have a bit more refinement in their trout model tapers. The BVK makes up for what those two are lacking in giddy up, but again in my hands, falls short in the subtleness department. Although you might find that to your liking when coming down from a LST fix. They're all almost great rods. Which is my way of saying that, at these prices, they're all pretty darned good, just not great.


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    I like my BVK. Handles those 20+" browns, cuts and rainbows with ease and I can cast it for hours.

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    I was never fond of my LST 5 weight and I used it as trade for another rod last year. However, I continue to enjoy my LL Bean Double L rods. This series is actually closer to medium than fast action. One thing about LL Bean, they will never hassle you regarding returns.

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    The length of my LST was 8'6". I fish the North Platte river here in Wyoming, but also fish from my pontoon boat quite a bit. I have a Penn Intl. gold medal series 6 wt. same length as my back-up rod. It's a lot slower action than my LST was. Also I would like to get it from Cabela's since I'm stuck with a gift card from them for the Warranty or I should say lack of Warranty from my LST issue. Also if it matters I'm using Rio's 5wf line. I don't remember which one but it was like 70.00 when I bought it.

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    X2 on redington ct I have 2 of them great rods. They're on sale right now at cabelas.

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    Default Re: Best 5 wt under 250.00 ?

    If you haven't tried one yet, go cast a St. Croix Imperial.
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    I think it(the CT) might be slower then what I'm used to from reading the description.

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