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    i picked up 8wt few month ago for Pike/Carp/Muske although i havent caught anything large on it yet.
    SAGE Response 8wt ($395) with Sage 3880CF reel and i really really like the rod.
    my budget was $500 and under for the rod i've cast a bunch: TFO BVK (2nd pick) some other TFO, and few other from Redington, Orvis, etc.
    SAGE came out on top, very accurate, consistently cast most line and most accurate. what i liked most about it, is when compared to other rods it didnt hurt my wrist casting it for extended amount of time.
    you should check it out
    o and it will handle Salt water

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    I have a TFO TriCrX 9' 8wt. I purchased on EBAY brand new with rod tube for $180. Combined with a Echo Ion reel on Rio Gold line it's been my large fish powerhouse. It has fast action and throws large flies just fine. Recommended.

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    I use a St Croix Legend Ultra 9' 8wt as my big fly rod. Paired up with a TFO BVK III reel and 330 grain Outbound short, I can throw as big/heavy flies as I need in any wind I will be fishing in. This setup tangled with some strong Sockeye this summer and performed beautifully!

    Good luck!

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