I just officially purchased a 7wt. Moriston Convert switch rod and a Tyne 7/8wt Trinity reel. I have been "playing" with one for some time now, but the time came to step up and take the plunge.

I'm usually spey casting for steelhead on the Rogue River, in Southern Oregon, but I am wanting to use the switch rod to both spey cast and overhead cast (with a little nymphing in there also). So far, I really like the rod and reel. Very impressed for the price.

Anyone here use a switch rod for steelies? If so, do you swing for them or do you use it mostly with an indicator to nymph? I've tried a little high sticking, but not enough to catch anything yet. I think I'm doing it wrong, because I get an awful lot of slack in my line & I'm not sure how to manage it.

Any help would be appreciated!