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    Default Sage method 9' 4 weight

    I'm starting this thread in hopes that someone out there has tried casting or fishing the sage method 9' 4 weight, and if so, could we get some feedback on it. I am very curious about this particular rod, I was not at all a fan of the 9' 5 weight sage TCX, it was far too stiff and souless for my liking. However, I have heard the method is not as stiff and more lively. Any insight into this particular 9' 4 weight method would be greatly appreciated.

    In a few weeks I will drive down to a shop that carries sage and give this rod a try, when I do I will certainly report my results, in the meantime though, any feedback on this rod wouldn't suck.

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    Default Re: Sage method 9' 4 weight

    Sounds like a z-axis, ZXL, Circa or TXL fit your bill more than the Method. TCR, TCX, Method are built for long distance line tossing, not for all-around fly fishing.

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    Default Re: Sage method 9' 4 weight

    I haven't tried the 4wt, bunt wrote a lengthy review on the 5wt, I'd assume there won't be a big enough difference for that to be the rod you are looking for. My personal opinion...check out the Scott Radian!

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    Default Re: Sage method 9' 4 weight

    I too would be curious to cast it, however, it is my opinion as well that Method and its predecessors are more optimally suited to heavier line sizes. Of course, there is always the exception to the rule so, like you, I will at least cast it. My current big water #4, Loomis NRX, was panned in some reviews and I was not enamored of the 5-weight but when I cast the #4 I was blown is a just right bowl of porridge for this bear.

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    Default Re: Sage method 9' 4 weight

    Call me odd,but I kinda like the looks of Loomis rods. More contemporary for sure,,and I'm more for the traditional look,,but they are actually me that is.

    If they do the job and excel, that's the major issue anyways I suppose.
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