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    I have an old fiberglass South Bend 8 1/2 foot model 3370, rated for a HDH line, I'm pairing it up with an equally old Heddon 320 reel. I'm thinking it'll make a sweet bluegill/bass outfit. I'm curious as to what line anyone thinks would be appropriate...any thoughts on Cortland's Sylk line? Thanks much!

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    Default Re: old fiberglass & modern lines


    I never had the rod you are rigging up but most all of the glass rods I had and what I still have are very forgiving when it comes to lines. I would choose a line color that pleased me in the weight recommended and go from there.

    You probably have this figured out but here's a link to line conversions; How to Convert the Old Line Weights to Modern AFTMA Line Weights;

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    Default Re: old fiberglass & modern lines

    Hi Balsabug1,

    My very first fly rod was an 8.5' 7 weight South Bend Classic II. I haven't fished with it in years but I continue to use quite a number of other glass rods.

    As Ard says, glass rods are very forgiving when it comes to lines. You won't need to spend a lot of money. The last dozen or so DT lines I've purchased have been the Magalloway from Old Tyme Fly Fishing. I like the way they fish, I like their pale green color, and I like that they are only $25 apiece. They also have a 5 year guarantee.

    When lining my glass rods with WF, my favorite continues to be the Cortland 444 peach. This classic line always feels so right. Regarding Sylk lines, I have several, and I do like to use them. They have a thinner diameter, which can be an advantage with the smaller guides of many vintage rods. However, Sylk lines tend to be "sticky", especially in warmer conditions. So far, this has only been an issue when stripping line from the reel for the initial casts.
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    Default Re: old fiberglass & modern lines

    Cortland Sylk DTF First impressions
    I have thought about buying a Cortland Sylk line for a while and finally ordered DT4 F a few weeks ago.I was a bit disappointed first when I got it….the mustard color is quite different from the honey one of a real silk line.I put it on a Vivarelli reel.Yesterday I went fishing and could test it for a few hours.I fished mainly on dry and a little on light nymph on sight with my Scott G2 5 wt.The line is really supple and soft,it’s also thinner than synthetic floating lines.It’s pleasant to cast ,allows a gentle presention and easy mending,floats well ,runs smoothly through the guides.I’ve fished the G2 with different lines and the Sylk is the one I like best.I will have to test it with Redington bamboo rod and with my Streamflex 10’ in fast waters.
    We’ll see how this line behaves after several months of fishing….

    still good

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    Default Re: old fiberglass & modern lines

    I agree the old glass is forgiving. No matter what brand of line I use on them they cast just fine. The idea is to get the weight rright. Some old rods rated for 7 or 6 with handle a modern 5. It is fun to experiment.

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    Default Re: old fiberglass & modern lines

    True. I've got a 1968 Orvis 6wt that does fine with a modern 5wt and could probably even use a 4wt line. Another option would be to use a 6wt Cortland Sylk line on it.
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