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Thread: Fly rod storage

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    Wow, lots of good info in this thread. Unfortunately my planned trip to cablelas isnt going to happen this weekend due to a brake line failure on my truck. But I have a plan now. Im going to take the line off (minus the backing) and wash it with some conditioner as mentioned and then store it on an oatmeal tube for the winter. Mainly since I intend on buying new line next spring. Partly because my current line doesn't seem to cast all that great (its like its not slippery enough) and I want to get orange line. The color is jusy my preference and I can see it better than the yellow. The line I have came on the reel and I assume is cabelas line. Thanks again for all the information.

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    I finally got around to taking the line off the reel and getting to washing it. I noticed that it wants to stay coiled up. Its at room temp (68*) and even if I tug on it it goes back to its coiled state. Im getting new line anyway (I decided on airflo super dri elite) and ive also decided (with the help of forum members that orange may not be the best color. So im going with a "duller" yellow. Anyway, heres a picture of the old line. dont mind the mess of a pile of line. Im goint ro put it on an oatmeal container after washing.

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    I live in Florida so there is no off season or rod storage. But I do religiously rinse them after salt exposure, treat my floating lines with the cleaner from Orvis, they even have a little plastic box with a pad and hole you can hold between your knees and reel the line through under pressure. Silly maybe, but it works and I have lines with more than a decade on them to prove that rinsing and retreatment a few times a year works.
    I also spray the reels internals with silicone lube periodically and hit them with reel grease anually. Its a reason I'm iffy on sealed drags. Yes it supposedly keeps out the crud, but it also means you can't clean and lube the internals. And sealed or not they will eventually need that.
    As far as storage put them in the tube dry, clean up the cork if you care to, I don't and call it a day.

    BUT backing the drag all the way off? Do it after every trip. It should happen when you break the rod down to take it home.

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    Ah yes, I forgot to mention that I backed the drag off. I washed the rod today. I just took a wet paper towel and wiped it off I also cleaned the line and put it on a oatmeal carton. Im letting the rod dry for a while then ill put it in its tube along with a decicant pouch.

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    All good advice above so just a 'minor' or two to add":

    Take a gallon zip lock bag and pull off the line off the reel and put both into the bag. Mark the bag with rod/line info and good to go. A line, left on a reel, will take a set/curl that can be a pain to stretch out, etc., next season.

    An noted above make sure the rod is DRY before putting same into its bag and leave the cap off for a few days in a warm room. Cap it and 'see you next season.'

    Boo? Ahhhh, another beast imho. Put up some wall pins and hang these heavy end down to keep them straight over the winter. Actually looks rather cool looking at them across from your office desk. Getting a set/bend in a section of a Boo is a pain to reset. Can do with a 'steam kettle' and patience.

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    Clean and thoroughly dry rods,line, and reels. Back off drags after each use. Store rods in air conditioned closet.

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