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    Default Any one have experience with the 7'9 3 weight St Croix Legend Ultra?

    Looking at getting a small stream rod for some hike/fish trips here in Colorado and although I have only gotten into fly fishing this year, it bit me in a BIG way.
    Cabelas has the St Croix Legend Ultra Combo for $310 with a Cabelas RLS reel and SA Mastery GPX line, which is what the rod itself usually sells for, so it seems like a good way to get what I am looking for without breaking the bank.

    I have fished a borrowed rod in the Legend Ultra line (9' 5 wt and really liked it - more than my Sage Flight I recently got) but no one local has one I can cast, so I was checking to see if anyone had any experience with it in this cofiguration.


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    Default Re: Any one have experience with the 7'9 3 weight St Croix Legend Ultra?

    I have owned the 7.5' 3wt Legend Ultra (that's the green one right, or maybe it was 7' I forget?) and an older 7'9" Legend 4wt. I liked the older rod better at 4wt, it would cast well for a wide range of situations. The 3wt 7.5' I bought in 2003 I think and it seemed like it would have been a better short range rod if I had over lined it with a 4 weight. I sold both and wish I had kept the old brown Legend.

    For small stream fishing Hardy is selling 6 & 6.5' fiberglass at the 300 dollar mark. I would buy one of them if I were shopping for a small stream rod. If you want the 7'9" so you can handle whatever may come you may want to stay with the 5wt. I have fished my #5 rods down to 8X tippets and Tricos and had no problem with the line delivery.

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  3. Default Re: Any one have experience with the 7'9 3 weight St Croix Legend Ultra?


    I own a 7' 9", 3 wt., Legend Ultra. Mine is an older model 3 pc. I think they come in 4pc or 2 pc now.

    This is my favorite rod! I fish a lot of small streams that require a lot of precise presentation when using dries. It is also extremely effective with nymphs. A harder time when trying to fish wooly buggers/streamers... anything large with a bead head. The casting is otherwise thoughtless and effortless.

    The action is perfect... everything that goes into this rod has been thought out extremely well. I have pulled out a 24" brown with this rod that took a long time; this rod wasn't built for that big of fish in my opinion and you have to be careful.

    St. Croix sells the top end pieces for 30 bucks flat in case you break your tip; this includes free shipping. Unfortunately mine is an older model that doesn't have a serial number (which is necessary when ordering) so the only time I needed a repair, it had to go directly to them... everything was covered except shipping costs. This is a great company that stands by their higher end gear.

    It sounds like the Cabelas offer is a good deal. These rods are hard to find on sale let alone comboed with a reel.

    Hope this helps... feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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  4. Default Re: Any one have experience with the 7'9 3 weight St Croix Legend Ultra?

    I went this route -

    Quote Originally Posted by tray View Post
    Just wanted to update everyone on my choice. I went ahead and ordered a St. Croix Avid, 7'-9", 4 piece - 3wt. Got a chance to compare one with a TFO Professional and Finesse. Would have liked all three, although the Porfessional was a bit stiffer Med-Fast Flex, than the other 2.

    Haven't decided on a specific reel yet but was able to recently pick up a Sage 3100 Series Click Reel (discontinued) for $140.00. It's an ultra light reel, 3"dia., weighing in at 2 3/4 oz. Since the Avid weighs in @ 2.6 oz. this reel should match up pretty well. We'll see. Got a couple of other ideas if this combo doesn't work. Will probably load the reel (whichever one I use) with RIO Trout LT "DT3F".

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    Default Re: Any one have experience with the 7'9 3 weight St Croix Legend Ultra?

    Thanks for the feedback!
    I will probably eventually upgrade the reel, but for now, getting the rod, a $140 reel, and $70 line for the price of the rod alone was pretty darn hard to pass. Will let you know how it goes!

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