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    Default Scott G 885/3 reel & line recs please......

    Just acquired a mid 90's Scott G series 885/3 and as I'm relatively new to FF in general I was wondering from those of you who have fished these older Scott rods which line(s) would you recommend ? I've read that both the Rio Gold as well as the Cortland 444 Classic Peach WF cast well with these rods. Any others ? And of these two, is there one that outperforms the other, or should I just pick the color I prefer and be done with it. Also, any particular reel that you would recommend that would balance out nicely ? I don't want to break the bank on essentially something that holds line, but it is important to me that not only is this rig balanced but that it also not look hideous. I was thinking something along the lines of an older used Ross Reels Gunnison from around the same time frame, or an older Battenkill would flow nicely. I do have access to a new Galvan Brookie that I can add weight to in order to determine what I'll need, just curious what those of you who own an older G series use. Thanks in advance !!!!

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    Default Re: Scott G 885/3 reel & line recs please......

    Classic Peach was made for the G, Sage's LL and their DS series, Older Powells, Winston IM6's, and all well made slower action fly rods. WF or DT both are quality lines. Rio Gold is also a good quality line...You have two fine choices here, don't stray (IMHO)

    Like your thought on the Gunnison, the Cimarron is also a very good reel from Ross and cheaper....the older ones, not the newer Cimarron CLA. The Ross Colorado ...yum..yum...great reel! Other thoughts, Lamson LP reel, Orvis has a new C/P reel out for 99.00. There are so many reels out there new and from the past that would be a great fit. Pflueger American made is another option. Nice rod and good luck....and personally I would vote for Cortland 444 Peach!

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    Default Re: Scott G 885/3 reel & line recs please......

    I would give Rio Trout LT or SA Trout a try, they are a little more delicate taper. A Ross Gunnison from the same era would be sweet. Sweet rod!


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    Default Re: Scott G 885/3 reel & line recs please......

    Excellent recommendations so far. I also like the Wulff Triangle Taper lines on Scott Gs and Winston IM6 rods.

    A Ross G2 would be perfect for that rod.

    Nice acquisition. Enjoy it!

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    Default Re: Scott G 885/3 reel & line recs please......

    Fine rod built in CO so I like your CO built Ross idea as long as it balanced correctly...don't go too small. And, as your rod is a true to weight model; I recommend as above SA Trout, RIO Gold or SA Textured Trout if you don't object to the slight hissing sound generated by the texture.

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    Default Re: Scott G 885/3 reel & line recs please......

    Thanks for the recommendations guys ! Received the rod yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion, but I do like the look of an unsanded blank. Quite a bit different to cast than the Orvis Clearwater II I've learned on this summer so I'll have to make some adjustment but so far so good, I like the slower action. Balancing the rod out neutral with all the line on the reel, I've found that alot of the reels I am considering are a bit heavy. In fact I've found the best balance with a Orvis Battenkill BBS II at 3.5 oz, but I was not able to cast the reel. I realize there are several theories regarding the proper way to balance a rod, but worst case scenario I'm thinking the way I've balanced it, if it feels too light with line out, I can simply add more weight to get a better balance. Any suggestions with regard to this reel choice would be appreciated as I'm eager to get this rig out on the water and see what it's like with a fish on !!!

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    Default Re: Scott G 885/3 reel & line recs please......

    Personal preferences not-with-standing, balance is what it means. Placing ones forefinger at the point under the cork grip where it would naturally be during casting, the assembled rod and reel should balance horizontally. If it dips down slightly in favor of the reel, fine, many even prefer it that way. On the other end, if it dips toward the tip, that will contribute to a sense of tip heaviness and fatigue. Even when simply holding the rod waiting for a trout to rise, you are fighting gravity with too light a reel. Do not trust the reel makers designations and even catalogs that offer "outfits" often mount too light a reel on a given rod on the theory that light weight is positive marketing.

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    Default Re: Scott G 885/3 reel & line recs please......

    I love the Orvis battenkills. I have three of their disc drag models and nary a hiccup in almost twenty years. They are slightly heavy, which I like. I think it balances a rod better, particularly in something like 3wt than some tiny thing. I use a 5/6 on my 4wt and it has enough umph in the drag to stop a large trout or a bass. Heck I even caught a striper on the thing and it was fine.
    If you're looking for a bargain Cabela's has their Prestige Premiers on sale for fifty bucks down from ninety. They are supposedly made by Lamson and look like it. I sent back their Prestige plus as it was not so great, but it was made by a different company, Okuma I think. I like Okuma reels, just not this one. Any way I ordered the Premire in exchange and am eagerly looking forward to getting it.

    Now, if you are looking to class up that rod, I have a vintage Hardy Perfect 2 5/8ths that I will sell you. I'm flexible on the price and it would be a darn classy addition to an older Scott trout rod.
    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Scott G 885/3 reel & line recs please......

    Thanks for all the recommendations ! Found great deals on both a used BBS II as well as Rio Gold line and could not be happier with this setup...I want to fish the Peach as well as the Trout LT at some point but I couldn't pass up the Rio for the price......Need to fish it a bit more to see if the reel could use a little extra weight, but otherwise I'm pleased !........Thanks again for your input !!!

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    Default Re: Scott G 885/3 reel & line recs please......

    I have the rod and I use a Hardy LRH on it. My lines are, in order of use, a Terenzio artificial silk DT5I, a Barrio Dt5F, a Terenzio, real silk DT5I and an Airflo WF5F. Working in the wind brings out the WF5, mostly I'll start with #1 and goto #2 if #1 gets waterlogged. #3 usually resides on an LRH on a G2845/4.

    If you get the chance to try a silk line, I think you'll be impressed.

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