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Thread: Why oh why is the Hardy CLS so heavy? Ugh!

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    Just put the Hardy CLS 5000 on my Greys XF2 9foot 5w. I put on line and backing and th balance point is exactly at halfway of the cork grip. I can live with a but heavy rod but it does balance perfectly rigged with my 8w, 9 foot GRXI+. I think maybe the were made to European standards where they do use longer rods.
    Either way I was thinking of getting another reel for smaller lines anyway. Still waiting to see what they come out with for the new year.

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    Default Re: Why oh why is the Hardy CLS so heavy? Ugh!

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    ... I have taken to ignoring reel's recommended line rating which are more about the size line that will fit on the reel with a specified amount of backing and nothing to do with how the reel will balance with a contemporary rod of that line size. I like Islander's numeric nomenclature; the number represents the diameter of the reel nothing else...
    I just like to reiterate praise for Islander Reels.

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